CoreELEC 19 Matrix Discussion (Kodi RC)

can confirm, netflix works after following the procedure. well done, thx.
update: meanwhile initial problem, whole system bootloop started out of nothing, can’t really pinpoint what i’ve been doing. when restarting, i have startup action to go to pvr guide and i can see that pvr hts client never connects to tvheadend server. it’s trying, after awhile, bootloop. log uploaded to

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Upgraded to this from Leia (v9.2.5) on N2.
Many of the addons were disabled as incompatible,
but that was expected.
the CE Matrix behavior is satisfying. :+1:

The NETFLIX addon is working again, following the suggested above steps for cleaning the installation and reinstall it from scratch.
Now it works even on Android Matrix. :+1:

On Odroid N2 2gb and on 12/20 nightly trying to use Coreelec settings system backup it consistently reaches 47% then crashes Kodi (not the N2). Kodi does restart. I’ve attached a crash log.kodi_crashlog_20201220010905.log (135.3 KB)

Anyone use this in conjunction with a server with emby server on?

Its the only addon I depend on that isn’t in the kodi repo.


No, but a Matrix Emby version is apparently in development. Here the related thread:

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Please upload logs like
It’s not hard.
I’ve done it for you this time.

Yup, Netflix and others working perfectly fine with today’s update.
First experiences, normal use shows nothing special to report yet. Will keep using for testing purposes since it seems quite solid so far.
I already like the ootb archive thing with simpletv,very nice. Thanks guys!

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Yes, Netflix is ​​working with the update.Thanks CoreElec team.

Am I right that my old a95x with generic s905 will not be supported with matrix?

Yes you read it right and reasons why explained in the
NOT supported devices

Hmm I wonder how to utilize it now :wink: AFAIR you had this device - any sugested armbian rel for this?

Thanks. I’ll remember.

Armbian have basically told Android box user to F*** **F, so I wouldn’t waste your time.


Can anybody help me please?
Since i need new Hardware what is the best cheap TV Box 20-40€ (S905X2 or S905X3) which really works and stays cool?
Some Time ago i’ve heard that many of the NG devices have a special Bootloader which blocks installing of alternative Software.
So, any recommendations?
I want to buy “cheap” but not “bad” and i have absolutely no plan with the gigantic jungle of china boxes out there. :slight_smile:
I need Bluetooth and Gigabit Network.

All your needs cannot easily be met. The SBC computers tend to be a bit more expensive and have some limitations. The VIM3L is a good little board which might suite and has an onboard S905x3. Then there is the Odroid C4, but this lacks bluetooth and onboard emmc. Still both good choices and will always be better supported than any Android box.

However I have an X96Air which works very well on CE and many other people have reported excellent results out of the box for small money. It can run hot and for reliability a small bit of thermal modification would be advisable - but this could be said for almost all of the cheap S905x3 Android boxes. There is little chance that a X96Air will present any bootloader issues.


Hmmm … no Armbian.

So I will make a cup coaster.

Libreelec testing has a version for s905. Have not tried it myself, but I have one s905 left, and after matrix is final I need to swap.

The s905x boxes will remain on coreelec but needs to be changed to the Ng build

This is reasonable. LibreELEC is what we forked of and if you end up back there we won’t be hurt. As I said earlier it is wise to choose that path if you have an outdated box.

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Fresh install on a s905x2 box, all running buttersmooth!

I’ve tested hdr, hdr10+ and dolby vision videos, and all were output on standard hdr. With same config, tvbox and tv, hdr10+ was ok.

Fresh install on N2 (emmc module). Everything works very well.