CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus_alpha1 (pre-release)

CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus_alpha1 (pre-release)

CoreELEC 20.0-Matrix_alpha1 is now available. This is a pre-alpha-release of the 20.0-Matrix_alpha1.


  • Updated to status 20210617 xbmc/master (Nexus)
  • ffmpeg: updated to 4.4-N-Alpha1

This is a pre-release based on Kodi Nexus build on nightly basis (manually build) .
Please feel free to try it out and report bugs.

There is no auto update or update channel implemented yet.
So a manually user update/install is required to upgrade to Kodi Nexus.

Downloads (Mega.z):


Support Dolby Vision?

No, and maybe Dolby Vision will never be supported as it’s closed source and no module is available for aarch64.

Which one to use with Beelink GT-King? Generic?

Oh neat! Moving right along. :grinning:

You can fresh install or tar update. If it’s a fresh install use generic and don’t forget to rename dtb.

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Installed just fine, updated from .tar to the X96 2/16 - S905x that I test (abuse) with new stuff.

Network, both Eth & wifi function normally.
Netflix/Amazon play content just fine
NAS content on NFS and SMB play just fine.
Youtube HDR 4K content plays with no issue.

The only missing detail that I was looking forward to seeing was the flashy new CE 20 boot splash color. :laughing: (j/k)

Anything in particular that the DEVs want tested?
Regardless, thanks DEVs!

We are fast, but not so fast :shushing_face:
Let’s see about the animation in future.

There is nothing really to test. It’s just because Team Kodi closed already Kodi Matrix feature implementation.

So new features and “big” changes will be merged only one n Kodi Nexus.

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For some reason i got excited and ordered another C4. Just put 19.1 nightly on it, updating to CE 20 to have a look. Nice!

Ps: opening post refers to 20.0 Matrix :wink:

Whats mean: new features and “big” changes ?

After the alpha/beta stage Team Kodi do not implement any new features in current branch. So 19.1, 19.2, … are “only” bug fixes.

New features are only merged into master branch, Kodi Nexus.

Thanks, I installed it on Beelink GT King Pro. Works fine with USB TBSE5520SE tuner.

Netflix is ​​not working. Widevine CMD update error.
MSL playback error.

A question will the tuner of the mecool KI Pro work in this new build?

It’s the same kernel and same DVB drivers so if it works in matrix it works in Nexus.

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No issues with anything so far except Dolby Digital transcoding. No sound when enabled, on a DTS-HD soundtrack that can’t be passed through. Didn’t try it on standard DTS, assumed transcoding was broken. I use it as Sonos Beam only likes Dolby Digital. HDR and HDR10+ both work fine.

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no issues to report all works well!
thanks for the pre-release!

How do I run Netflix?

Links to CastagnaIT’s Netflix addon: GitHub - CastagnaIT/ InputStream based Netflix plugin for Kodi

Scroll down the linked page a bit and there is a wealth of instructions and literature about the add-on.

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