CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus_alpha1 (pre-release)

@kshi thanks, widevine is incompatible.

Yes, some streaming services also report widevine not being able to run on kodi20.

What message do you get? I’m running Netflix on Nexus without any problem.

Netflix is ok, Disney plus too
Others give this error: ‘This system (Linux arch64 Kodi v20)does not yet support widevine playback’

Installed fine on a Vontar X3 (s905x3) for testing. Only but major problem is no multichannel sound (DTS or Dolby Digital) whatever the audio sink chosen. Stereo and GUI sounds work OK. This is through SPDIF out to amp. CE 9.2.7 with same setup works beautifully.

When you just confirm the message with no you will see it works.

The inputstream.helper addon needs to be fixed:

The pop-up will come on any ARM based platform now. It’s 100% working at CoreELEC.


In my case, i can only choose OK (error posted above), streams do not play for some addons with Kodi20. This is only to report and might very well be something to be solved by the addon author

Future nightly builds will be available on CoreELEC nightly server:

Please anyone update once with this nightly, on future nightly a pop-up should be shown “new version available” and ask for a update.


Done, thanks.

Not sure if my comment was lost amongst the Netflix/Widevine stress…but DD transcoding doesn’t work.

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Yet another a “generic”, plain, lukewarm Tanix TX3 sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit reporting in.

It’s still the cat’s pajamas.

the only thing I have found is not related to CE but Kodi and Add-ons… subtitles for example (, subscene etc.) - but that’s normal at this stage.
How easy it is to downgrade to 19.1 - just install the latest 19.x update on 20?

I have installed this version in a micro SD and in the internal memory of the X96Air CoreELEC 19 Matrix. The reboot to the internal memory does not work, you have to remove the microSD. Would it work somehow without removing the microSD? Thanks

Nexus CE-20 is currently on hold because of missing free time, thank you.

Thanks, the contrary the same thing happens to me, with CE19 Matrix micro SD and CE Nexus internal memory does not restart, you have to remove the microSD. Thanks for the good work.

Continued thanks to all of the Devs for all of your hard work and dedication over the years.

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CE20 was updated recently. Can I ask if Netflix issues are resolved?

NF is a addon from another repo.

Why you just not try it?

Previous was there a “playback” issue. Yeah, I will try it in the evening, definitely…

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