CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus_alpha3 Discussion

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Is er a stat to see whats different / new, between 19 and 20?
Looked on kodi forum, cant find it there.

Have a look here:

On the bottom you’ll find a link to the complete changelog.

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Neither Tvheadend nor NextPVR clients will run under Nexus. Any suggestions?

The HDHomeRun addon by Zuki from SiliconDust forum DOES work.

Edit 2: There was an update for the Tvheadend client, now it works.

You mean NOW it works, right?

Yes, sorry, Tvheadend client NOW works… I will edit it… thanks

Netflix works, only 1080p but does support automatic frame rate and resolution switching.

NextPVR is working here on the nightly. There is a PVR version bump coming soon which needs some syncing but CE doesn’t have that.

NextPVR client IS working NOW!! Don’t know how or why, but it is working.

FINALLY, the closed captions appear to be working again on live TV streams.
Have not tested on recorded TV shows at this time, but this is a major breakthrough for these low powered low cost Android boxes. I mostly watch recorded TV shows, so, I could NOT use Kodi/CoreELEC because of the issue of closed captions not working correctly. I had to switch to an app running under Android.

Nope, spoke too soon, as the live TV stream progressed, the closed captions kept getting further and further out of sync, I have not tested the closed caption function using Kodi running on a Windows PC.

There were no expected improvements in Kodi related to closed captioning for alpha3 and you should be aware that the proposed changes were recently moved to v21 [Subtitles][CC][WIP] Update CEA-708 CC decoder to upstream by CastagnaIT · Pull Request #20469 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

Just tested Kodi 19 on 2017 Nvidia Shield (Android), and the closed captions seemed to work as they should.


I couldn’t find the download link for Nexus because I’m facing Matrix, Nightly and Legacy 9.2.8.
Or I’m blind.

Best regards…

I also found this announcement confusing. It appears to be for the release of a stable version of 20.0-Nexus_alpha3, but the link is to 19.5-Matrix_rc2, and it does not appear to be available via the Updates Channel.

Are we to assume that this is not a stable version?


As alpha is not stable and it’s not yet I’m download manager or download channel. Only manual download and update is working till it becomes stable.

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Thanks very much for the clarification.

The “official” status of the announcement, plus the phrase: “It was a rather short development cycle this time around” confused me into thinking this was a stable release. Could be wrong, but as far as I can recall, previously, such announcements were only made for stable releases.

Thanks for the continued good work. Much appreciated!

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Hi, PVR HTS, IPTV Simple Client, Inputstream Adaptive, Inputstream FFMPEG and RTMP input plugins do not work.Update does not work through the warehouse.

My device is Beelink GT King Pro. The wireless connection is disabled from time to time.The previous night version was also working well.

How to enable tone mapping ? I think this fuction is really fantastic,but I can only use it on X86 Kodi
Anyone can help … Great thanks,