CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus Amlogic-ng Discussion

Is the internal dvb s2 working for m8s s905d dvb s2?

I can confirm what Portisch said, new generation has nice devices and room for improvement but devices like N2(+) are still some of the best out there. We’ll see what the immediate future holds for Amlogic devices and I hope it’s bright. One thing is for sure, Amlogic with CoreELEC is still the way to go as a Kodi media center.


There are some gxl_p231_1g_m8s_dvb-s2 devices online so I guess maybe?
Since CE-19 you will need to install DVB crazycat addon from CE repo. It’s not included anymore by default.

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Okay I have updated my Tanix X4 box to the NExus 20 -ng and now upgraded it to -ne and all seems to be working fine except still there seems to be no drivers for this box’s BT device? At least the WiFi is now fully operational in Nexus certainly since RC2.

I also have a Ugoos X4 Pro which is my excellent main box and I am going to upgrade that to Nexus -ne as my main system moving fully over to Nexus from Matrix. But can you tell me what benefit if any I will have moving to -ne over -ng ? Of course I appreciate that -ne will be where the future development will be concentrated.

Finally two Kodi repo installed addons still do not work in Nexus. That is Google Drive and the Speedtester addons. I have fixed Google Drive myself without bumping the version number up so when they fix it for Nexus it will update automatically, The speed tester addon however has the attribute error problem with the IsAlive command but I have no idea how to fix that one ??

Thanks to all at CoreELEC for the fantastic work in making all this possible and great job on so quickly getting Nexus out as a full release.

sed -i "s|isAlive()|is_alive()|" /storage/.kodi/addons/script.speedtester/resources/lib/

And this is official Kodi addon which is broken?

Yes it is the official addon from the Kodi repository. Same with the Google Drive addon in Nexus which was the inspect command with getargspec which needs to be changed to getfullargspec. I got this fix from a GitHub discussion group.

So I need to change IsAlive to is_alive just adding the underscore in the script.speedester/resources file? Okay I will search that and manually edit it as I find that easier for me to do, Yep I know I should do it by ssh to my box. Thanks vpeter.

P.S. Have just changed from IsAlive to is_alive using the Notepad++ Find and Replace command. It found 6 cases in the file. Thank you so much vpeter as this has fixed the Speed Tester addon error. :slight_smile:

While I understand that a clean install is the safest option, it also comes with headaches of setting everything up again. What is the recommended non-clean install route?

I figure even if there are risks, a dirty upgrade attempt is worth while… If it fails or breaks something a clean install would then take place.

Would it be to go in to Updates, change to manual install, then select 20.0?

That would be a python 3.11 change. It was very late minute change from Kodi which didn’t give a lot of time for authors to modify the deprecated functions. Maybe submit a PR?

Unfortunately the internal dvb s2 not working
With crazycats and latest kernel dvb drivers

Will S905W become unsupported ? How many more kodi releases should I expect to get?

It’s supported in ng, so the answer is the same. Everything will end one day, who knows when? Enjoy while it lasts and it will last as long as we can support it and the team as enough human resources to do it. This goes for every device, we can’t predict the future but we’re responsible enough to know that there’s enough e-waste as things are.
Enjoy your device.

N2 with CE 19 on eMMC. What is the preferred way to do a clean install to CE 20?


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I mean if ng gets kodi 21 you are only halfway into the life of your n2. Kodi releases have roughly 2 years between them so 4 years until kodi 22 which won’t be supported anymore.

I’m having wifi negotiation problems on X96-Mini 1GB with CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-20.0-Nexus_nightly_20230119-Generic

With 19.5 I have no problems, but I updated to this build and it gives me an I/O error when trying to connect to the router (OpenWRT router). It gives the error whether I am using wifi security or not.

So, I tried a clean system install on a new TFF card and tried connecting to a different router (also OpenWRT) without any wifi security, and I still get the error. I also could not connect to the first router with WPA2 security enabled from the clean install.

using gxl_p281_1g DTB

Absolutely! As you and Portisch have said there is still plenty of life left with NG and my N2s. I’m in no rush to update my devices and when I do the N2s already have their dance cards arranged for use as DNS, and other more mundane services. When I inevitably have to upgrade, my hope is that it will be in the Amlogic camp using CE. I genuinely enjoy participating in the community that has been built here.

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CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus (Januar 17th, 2023) not work

Hello! I have an X96 max plus media player with an amlogic s905x3 processor, I have coreelec 19.5-Matrix (Stable) it works perfectly and if I update from the menu to CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus the media player starts and updates and then starts in safe mode it says something about samba like no works why does it do this, it’s the first time I update coreelec and it doesn’t work well and gives errors

Do not update from CE-19 to CE-20. Clean install is the solution.

Please guys if anyone can help me please help me
I have a device it’s hardware same as m8s s905d dvb s2 the internal dvb ( m88rs6060 ) was working on coreELEC 9.2.8 but on coreELEC nexus 20 not working
I used the dtb file with the same name gxl_p231_1g_m8s_dvb-s2
dmesg from coreELEC 9.2.8
dmesg from coreELEC nexus 20

As nobody have such device, not such tuner or a possibility to test a DVB-S2 decoder it might be never a solution. When it works with 9.2.8 stay with it.

DVB support is really rare,
DVB internal support is even more rare.

Project dvb-latest is already stopped…

Give you self a favor and change your setup to SAT>IP…
Or infest in some cheap USB DVB tuner what might work.

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little bit confused with the chipssets
Odroid N2 = NG or NE?