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With the release of device Amlogic-ne, Amlogic-ng will be become EOSD

Does that mean that S905X3 will not get Kodi 21?

Hi all,

I know clean installs are always recommended, but re-installing and configuring everything again can be a real pain.

So my question is can I restore a 19.3 backup to CE 20.0?


You certainly can restore a 19.3 backup. At least in the sense, that Nexus allows it to do so. It certainly doesn’t mean it would work properly. Because it probably won’t. By all means you should try it.

My attempt to update a flawlessly running 19.5 system wasn’t successful. Not at all. My trusted MCE remote wouldn’t even work properly. So, I bit the bullet like every new major CE version and setup Nexus from scratch. New SD card, new adventure…
Today I migrated my SD Nexus to emmc after almost a week of testing two nightlies and one final.

Thanks thought just as much.

BTW - This release of 20.0 is a pre-release correct? Not a stable version that could be used as your main driver?

It’s a stable version, it’s the new CoreELEC. Normally we use pre-release so there are no auto-updates which in this case shouldn’t apply.

This means ng won’t probably get CE21. And at this point there’s no clear path for older devices to get ne. But it’s too soon to be definitive about anything.

Edit: as Portisch said ng will get CE21.


Thank you for your reply. However I’m still confused.

If it’s stable and the new CE why if I click on the downloads button at the top of the page, I’m given the choice of 19.5 stable. CE 20 is under nightlies.

Should not the main offering be CE20?

I always download the new releases directly from GitHub servers. Usually they meet my ISP speed of 250 Mbit/s.

You can download the 20.0 final from here: Releases · CoreELEC/CoreELEC · GitHub

Expand assets and pick your version.

Yes can be confusing

Release candidate 2
Release candidate 3

And now is Final Release?

Kodi Nexus 20 Final?

When you follow the link provided you can read it! It becomes EOSD, not EOL.
CE-21 will be with NG as well, yes.

Release candidate are like a “test” before real release as with stable only you are not able to cover all bugs and errors.

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Fresh install it the way to go with this one.

I did try to use the tar file but a couple of errors were generated during the attempted upgrade before it abandoning itself and rebooting to how it was before.

I tend to take that older devices just won’t get CE21 for reasons that have been given before, so eventually there will always come a time when it is a case a case of either upgrading to a newer supported build or moving to another platform (like I am doing with the Orange Pi 5).

Some decisions are hard to make but with CE20 only launched now and CE21 in current devices you get years of updated devices. And of course everyone is free to chose their flavour. But newest kernel isn’t always better, in some cases it’s not even a real mainline kernel, just a similar number.

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That’s kind of where I’m sitting now. I can see the writing on the wall. I’ve gotten 4 years of enjoyment out of my current devices so far. I’m left optimistically scanning the horizon for an Amlogic SBC to replace my N2s as their obsolescence creeps closer.

So far the offerings have been paltry. The VIM4 is tempting but the performance increase is mediocre, at least on paper. I’m likely going to play the waiting game and hope Odroid comes through with something better of their own down the line.

Why was this update not released through automatic updating? Is it not safe to update it over a previous 19.5?

I hope the new generation S5 (S928X) will change this situation a bit.
Sure SC2 (S905X4) and T7 (A311D2) is a “upgrade” including AV1 decoder in hardware.
But for a “I need to upgrade now” the improvement steps are too small (in my opinion).

I hope Amlogic do not loose their “leading” position in media SoCs at all as the other vendor to also step forward…

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19.5 to 20.0 will never be automatic and it was never before. So update one time manual to 20.0 then it will auto update from 20.0 to 20.1 and so on.

On 20.0 auto update is disabled because we want to have a small number of users without “big” issues so we can safety enable auto update for all other users.

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