CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus (Januar 17th, 2023)

CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus (Januar 17th, 2023)

CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus is now available. We have come a long way to the first stable Kodi Nexus release, and there have been big changes in CoreELEC. It is based upon Kodi Nexus v20.0 final.

CoreELEC 20 becomes the active development branch and it is based on CoreELEC 19. With CoreELEC 20 the new device, Amlogic-ne: New Era will get introduced. All devices that support CoreELEC 19 Amlogic-ng will also support CoreELEC 20.0 Amlogic-ng.

Device Amlogic-ng hardware support will end with Amlogic SoC SC2 (S905X4).
Device Amlogic-ne will support hardware since Amlogic SoC SC2 (S905X4) and newer like S4 (S905Y4, S905W2) or T7 (A311D2).
With the release of device Amlogic-ne, Amlogic-ng will be become EOSD.

More information about the current CoreELEC development cycle can be found here.


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