CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus_rc1 Discussion

Thanks for this information.

To you and all having this problem please redownload the corresponding release (Nexus rc1 or Matrix) and try the addons again. It should now be solved.

Pardon my confusion, I am running the NE version, but the downloads for the NG version. Can I download and install the NG version.

Edit: to answer my own question, I downloaded the NG version and tried to install it. It says it was incompatible with my NE version, so it would not install.

Ah, no, not for ne. Wait for the auto update

I did find out that it would not install, which is good.

I suppose it is a FAQ and I apologize …

Do none, some, many, most, or all Matrix add-ons work for Nexus or does one better wait for Nexus specific ones (I ask because several add-on zips have ‘matrix’ in their name, so maybe we now shall need to look and wait for add-on zips having ‘nexus’ in their name?

Can someone test network speeds on the ODROID N2 or N2+?
Im getting a 1Gbit/s link rate but i can realistically only get 100mbit/s from the device.

Of course there will be issues with addons not being ported to Nexus.
And there Dependencies.

I read somewhere that as of January 2023
Kodi drops support for Matrix.

It is Progress New Kernel 5.4.125 !!!

Developers will move addons to Nexus as Time allows.

Also Matrix will still work for quite awhile !!

Happy Testing

*** Update
Just finished reading article from 4 days ago
All Addons for Nexus are written in Python 3
As was same requirement for Matrix Python 3

So will be little /to No issues with Addons.

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