CoreELEC 20.4-Nexus Amlogic-ng Discussion


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Why 20.4 since just after a few days this version was replaced with 20.5; will there be a new CE 20.5 version in a few days ?

Where is 20.5?

I’ve just backed out 20.4 on my N2 because it won’t play any video, including the startup intro my skin uses. Music plays OK. It’s the 2gb version that runs 20.3 immaculately. Will provide logs if it’s not easily reproducable.

Sorry chaps, just read “before posting about errors”. I’ll set up an SD card version and post again later.
EDIT 2: Please ignore. It must be my set up because the clean install works. I’ve got as far as knowing it’s Hardware Acceleration that’s causing it but I’ve no more time to pursue at the moment.
EDIT 3: It was something in my set up. I uninstalled a bunch of unused add-ons and that did the trick.

I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but will the update be pushed OTA?

I checked that I have auto-update enabled in the CoreElec settings add-on. I just want to be sure I’m not missing another step, and I can just be patient for the OTA to be rolled out by MAC address or another means.

Auto update happened on 2 of my boxes BUT you can download it.

This versions wont play any HD content on my N2+, just keeps loading.
Had to roll back to 20.3 and everything is working again.

Bad release.

No log, no error…

Nexus 20.3 is fine.

20.4 is also fine

Not for me and not on any of the boxes I tried it on.

Closed, continue here: CoreELEC 20.5-Nexus Amlogic-ng Discussion