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Which device support DV P7 FEL?

See my post.

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What is FEL BTW and is it important. ?? How about those other setting other than Lossless and Profile 8.1. default which I am using.

There is also another Dolby Vision setting in the CoreELEC settings page that says Use Player Led which also refers to DV. I have left that at default DIsabled same as the option immediately above about Disabling DV support of course.

I am running simply the latest CoreELEC 20.5 -ne Generic the last stable build. I am not currently running nightly builds though I did before but will likely not bother until I move onto Omega. IF you reckon it would be useful for me to run the nightlies then I have no problem doing so

Dolby Vision is not a single standard, but a series of different profile that each have to be supported separately.

To understand, P7 FEL think of it as a stack of three layers that have to combined together into one image.

For the FEL video, the stack has three layers: the base layer contains just the color; the RPU layer contains the psychedelic colors; the EL layer contains the background images including the woman.

A MEL video only has two stacks: the base layer and the RPU layer. When playing a FEL as Profile 8.1 or Minimum EL, the EL layer is discarded so that you don’t see the woman. You only see the background colors and psychedelic colors.

Dolby Vision Profile 7 FEL is used on some UHD. It’s extremely important because barely any device can play it. It’s the holy grail of Dolby Vision decoding.

The decoding of FEL is currently broken, but I’ll let you know when it get fixed if you want to retest.

You can see Box internal cpu and gpu temp in settings, System information, Video and/or Hardware.
Go there when playing a video or straight after.

Yes thanks bazzle, but I do already know that. Mine is running at 60C to 65C and maybe hotter during running video when of course I cannot check it only immediately after stopping the video playing. I am going to put a more powerful printer fan in the cabinet to blow air through the many air vents in the X4Q box. My X4 Pro box ran at around 50-55C in the same cabinet so this X4Q Extra does run hotter.

Many thanks for that info Astrotrain, which I had no idea about but always keen to learn more. I always thought that DV was one single layer.

Yes do keep in touch and let me know of developments. Yes I am happy to carry out any further tests just let me know when it is needed. So if FEL was working would I see even better HDR effects with DV than I do now with DV enabled streaming video?

So which mode should I be using with my X4Q Extra box running Coreelec 20.5 -ne considering the results information from that video clip that I stated before ??

@RayW. Always glad to help. Would you mind retesting with the latest nightly? Can you also make sure that Setting - Player - Video - Dolby Vision compatibility mode is set to Lossless otherwise FEL support is disabled.

This did not work, basically it’s to do with ‘android raw’ settings in kodi audio, coreelec can’t covert above 5.1 to pcm (for tv speakers) but android kodi can incl true hd 7.1 to pcm. I know I am in minority as i don’t own a soundbar/avr but any help in solving this will be really appreciated. Thank you.

When you have same issue on Kodi Linux or Windows you might be better placed at Kodi forum.

Sorry i wasn’t clear, kodi linux and Windows both convert them to pcm fine.

I theoretically guessed that because both those two has AudioTrack (RAW),Android IEC packer in Passthrough Output device menu. Whereas Coreelec (ALSA: AML-AUGSOUND,HDMI) dont?

Also can you look into a fix for TrueHD/Atmos to PCM conversion on coreelec. Native Android-kodi works fine but on coreelec only upto AC3 5.1 is converted to PCM.


How to roll back without full reinstall? 20.5 stuffed my x96 s905x box.
keeps randomly rebooting when navigating the kodi menu but was fine on 20.4.
it’s also fine the not moving the menu and using ssh to the box, so seems kodi related.

There is no major breaking changes between 20.3/4 and 20.5 so you can simply download the 20.3/4 version and allow it to update. In order to prevent it from automatically updating again you need to switch to manual updates and if the constant reminders to update annoy you then disable them.

I switched to Ce-NO after that so its now a bit more tricky to roll back - but what I did was take a backup, do a fresh Ce-NO install and then restore my backup. Since it was a version jump quite a few addons stopped working, but again the upgrade path was not a breaking change so by tweaking the addon xml files to change the Kodi version most came back and work fine. The upgrade to 21 is not a fundamental change so upgrade is really painless.

Coreelec 20.5. Since updating the Odroid N2+ box when the update popped up, we have been getting some random USB drive disconnection then reconnections. Can happen in the middle of playing a film or sometimes even while using iview app can still see the messages that the drives have disconnected, then a minute later they reconnect.
While this may have happened before, it seems to be more prevalent now with 20.5. Nothing else changed. Same drives that have been present for quite a couple of years. This year seems to be happening where as last year was unheard of.
Any suggestions other than a rollback? Or is it simple do the update to a previous version and cease updating?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Could try unplugging and plugging back in to clean contact faces?
You can also rollback thru CE settings and turn off updates there .