CoreELEC 21.0-Omega_alpha1 (May 1st, 2023)

CoreELEC 21.0-Omega_alpha1 (May 1st, 2023)

CoreELEC 21.0-Omega_alpha1 is now available. We have come a long way to the first alpha Kodi Omega release, and there have been big changes in CoreELEC. It is based upon Kodi Omega v21.0 alpha1.

CoreELEC 21 becomes the active development branch and it is based on CoreELEC 20. All devices that are able to run CoreELEC 20 will also be supported by CoreELEC 21.0-Omega.

Project Amlogic-ng will still be supported by using kernel 4.9.269. Amlogic-ne is upgraded to kernel version 5.4.180.
Because of this it is needed to switch the system user land architecture to aarch64. This does mean an existing Amlogic-ne CE-20 arm installation can not be upgraded. Instead a new install will be required.

Dolby Vision will be supported since Amlogic-ne, Kodi Omega on certain Amlogic devices like Homatics/Dune R 4K Plus, RockTek G2 or Nokia 8010. Other devices may follow in future.

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