CoreELEC 21.0-Omega_alpha3 Amlogic-ng Discussion

FYI: this version (Omega Alpha3 with DV support) on Minix U22-XJ had a file corruption error when first installed. Following that, the storage partition was marked damaged, and backup restore was not possible. the solution was to connect the SD card to a PC and use a program such as DiskGenius to format the damaged storage EXT4 partition. Once that’s done, the backup restored fine.

Inputstream.adaptive doesnt seem ro be in the alpha addon repo, should i try nightlies? , i would build itmyself but i just downgraded to a 4gb usb stick after i snapped my 256gb sd card in half xD, threw down the remote or something to close to the stuck out card

Ps. Half a blessing, 256gb backups wouldve gotten out of hand

Thia may be more an issue with upstream kodi, but i noticed peculiarities building till a reboot after changing regionional settings to canada but i expect any big formatting change messes up the ui. I would add a check that after a region change, at a minimum ask the user to restart kodi, if not able to reboot… similiar to updating dtb.img

All addons should be now available. If not try to refresh addon (on ce repo context menu).

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Thanks, it showed up

So, is Ugoos AM6B+ support FEL or not?

The AM6B+ does support FEL MKV. But it depends what you use to play it. Nova player and a Kodi build by monsoon will play FEL well. Also the Android Omega nightly has been getting much better lately with FEL files. Most played okay last time I tested it.
For me CE seemed to be closer to playing FEL with 20.3 ng dv. @ragico knows more and usually tests these.

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No lossless, not on 20.3 ng dv too, and android master nightly has color issue.
box r 4k plus use android master nightly play FEL very well.

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android master nightly do you mean Kodi android app?

Yes Box r 4k plus plays Fel but of course it does not decode the 2 video streams (BL + EL) separately as the Ugoos does. It adopts the same concept first developed by @quievoid builds of Kodi. Unfortunately CE is not yet capable to play Fel using the Ugoos (and MInix) 2 decoders. It crashes,

yes. i have am6b+ and box r plus, test all new version yesterday.

Can you elaborate on this? Are you claiming that latest Kodi on R4K plus plays FEL in lossless mode?

I test yesterday, no sure about the verison, maybe kodi-20230916-a4f66924-master-armeabi-v7a.apk,
and i am sure the Dolby Vision compatibility mode is unchecked, then i play a few remux mkv, all of them have no problem.

kodi-20230916-a4f66924-master-armeabi-v7a.apk, color issue or stop on start, i cant remember
kodi-monsoons-230313-Fix-Freeze-Resume-armeabi-v7a.apk, color issue
20.3 ng dv, stop on start
21.3 ng dv, stop on start

box r 4k plus:
kodi-20230916-a4f66924-master-armeabi-v7a.apk, ok
20 nightly, stop on start
21 nightly, stop on start

Thank you, I’ll check this later with the test files to check if it’s converting on the fly or not.

You can not compare Android APK at all. They use Mediacodec what is closed source also.
So nobody in public have an idea how it needs to be handled correctly.

I got it a bit running when the chain BL, EL, BL, EL, frame is constant. But if one frame fails to decode all is shut down and playback stop. This trick did also only work on g12b but not on sc2 SoC.

So to solve it is to reverse engineer mediacodec awesome decoder and tell us how to proper handle the stream.

I fully agree, It happens the same with me. And I cannot find a movie where all the frames decode correctly so, at moment, it is impossible to use CE for Fel in Ugoos/Minix

Did a fresh install on my N2+,working well.
A backup from the nightly builds not so much.
Some kind of app migration problem,but the Alpha 3 is great.

shadertoy seems to very much be a toy, running longer than like 5 minutes it has problems, not sure whether that’s a thing to do with 32 bit userspace on 64 bit kernel mathing error, the odroid n2 is quite bad at multilib maths


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