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On 05.07.23 you wrote

To be honest we have some news in background:
Amlogic Kernel 5.15

This will bring back G12B (S922X/A311D) and SM1 (S905X3) back to Amlogic-ne.

Because of the currently destabilized Kodi Omega status we try to re-configure CoreELEC-20 and CoreELEC-21. This mean Dolby Vision is on plan to be backport to CoreELEC-20 and the new Kernel 5.15 is planed for CoreELEC-21.

The Kernel 5.15 CoreELEC-21 will have no GXL support anymore as there will be no more Amlogic-ng device with Kernel 4.9. We are not sure about G12A (S905X2), maybe it’s supported or maybe not.

Any news about this? On coreelec:devgeneric [CoreELEC Wiki] there is still no mention of G12B or SM1 as supported devices for amlogic-ne.

By the way: I can confirm that Dolby Vision works with a nightly 21.0 ng (4.9 kernel) on Tanix TX3 (SM1)

Format profile : Main 10@L4.1@Main
HDR format : Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.08.03, BL+RPU, HDR10 compatible / SMPTE ST 2094 App 4, Version 1, HDR10+ Profile B compatible

Same file does not play on Odroid N2 :anguished:
It’s a shame that Hardkernel did not license it.

I don’t think your TX3 have a DV license. More that you just see the HDR10 fallback.

If so, why does the fallback not work wehn playing with Odroid N2?

What about my first question. What is the status of G12B and SM1 in amlogic-ne?
Is there already an amlogic 5.15 kernel for CE?

ah, I just see the link with the current development status. Are there any downloadable images with amlogic-no yet?

Not yet. Soon :tm:

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