CoreELEC is now available and can be downloaded from our GitHub page here.



  • fixed black screen issue introduced in 8.95.4 release
  • fixed poor Gbit performance on some devices by disabling setting cali_val


  • reverted Samba changes introduced in previous release
  • updated DVB drivers and firmware


  • added auto bit depth and colourspace switching support (OSMC)
  • added improved log upload feature to CoreELEC Settings
  • added Odroid Vu5a/Vu7a Plus touchscreen input support

Known Issues

  • This release may have issues with 4k50hz and 4k60hz with some TVs or AVRs

Waiting for final v18 but looking good for so far

I have tried, 8.94.3 and on my odroid C2 (with fresh image installation)
coreelec has too much videos stuttering on odroid C2 that play fine with krypton kodi on C2 and on Kodi Windows with Leia.
Dvb drivers work fine with mygica T230C but not with Cinergy TC2.

I hope that stuttering could be fixed in next release.


There is no stuttering and you most probably didn’t configure “adjust display refresh rate” and resolution whitelist correctly.

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Cant update to this version.
Always display message the file is corrupt.
I already try download file manual and put to update folder but the result as the same.
Any help?

Hi relkai,

I use kodi on odroid C2 over two year, i am not a newbie.
unfortunatelly, i already configure “adjust display refresh”.

A I already said it before, i have no trouble with previous Krypton.
I would like to update to leia for use my dvb key on Odroid C2.


I didn’t say you are a newbie. Excuse me, if it sounded like this.

Did you also configure the resolution/refresh rate whitelist in “Settings > System > Display”?
It was introduced with Kodi Leia and was one of the features causing stuttering when not configured properly (even with “adjust display refresh rate” activated).
Just deactivate all 25/30fps refresh rates and all resolutions below 720p as well as all 4096x2160 resolutions. All interlaced resolutions should be deactivated, too.


As relkai stated kodi leia does have a new “feature” that has been causing similar problems for some some people including veteran users of the Krypton builds. So nobody is trying to infer that you’re a “newbie”

If you follow what relkai is saying and still have an issue with stuttering video, more details would help in solving your problem. Just saying “has too much videos stuttering” does not really help solve the problem, nor does just saying that it worked with what might as well be completely different software. (There has been a lot of changes in kodi leia, and various drivers since krypton was released.)

What video doesn’t work? container, format, encoding, source etc…

Can you provide a sample of the video that is stuttering?

Do you have a link to a debug log file for us to look at?

You mention DVB, which DVB do you have, is it only video from this device that stutters or does video stored locallly on the C2 stutter as well.

There might be other information that gets requested as well depending on the nature of your problem.

thank a lot for all your answers. Please, forgive me if I could had seem angry.

As I said it before, the problem is not from the videos.

The videos are located on an USB hard drive plugged on the odroid C2.
Videos are not captured with the dvb card
The videos was playing fine using Krypton.

I used “adjust display r efresh” on krypton on my TV.

But unfortunatelly this option is not working with Leia.

The video has 23.976 pictures/sec (23976/1000) framerate and a resolution 1920x800 pixels.

My TV is a Samsung UE43MU6105 (4K).

I will try to adjust whitelist setting next week. For now, I have restored a krypton’s backup.


Whitelist is a feature that cause you issue. If nothing choosed there than refresh rate doesn’t switch to correct one. This not correct implementation will be fixed in kodi beta5. This is not CE issue, this is Kodi new feature.

In wetek2 did not work very well with this update here for me, my tv lg 55 4k the (HDMI-Cec) feature of using the tv control to control the wetek2 stopped working in the home theater in which it was connected stopped of recognize the resolution 4k, so a ful hd, I had to connect the wetek direct in the input of the tv, I will go back to version 8.95.3
Ja the K1-pro I use on tv Panasonic has not lost the function of using only the control of the tv to control the k1

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The problem with 4k resolution is a known issue that is being worked on, and will be resolved shortly.


I am having stuttering issues, as well, with an S912 box (Vorke z6) connected directly to a 4K Sony TV.

What do you mean by deactivating 25/30 fps? Then, for a 23,976 fps content what should I enable in the whitelist: 23,976 or 23,978 or 24 fps? In the TV, when I play this kind of content, I see that it changes automatically to the correct resolution and always to 24 fps.

Also, I always use srt subtitles. I thought that this could affect to the stuttering, as well.


What was changed from to I’m also using a S912 box and 8.95.4 introduced very noticeable stuttering in PVR Simple IPTV. fixed the stuttering issue, and brought it back. I have just confirmed this with upgrading and downgrading between the two versions.

The main change between and is how we get information from the tv about it’s capabilities to display different video modes, and what part of that information is correct.

Trying to find the balance in trying to determine what part of the information the display provides about it self is correct.

I did just look to reconfirm the diff and an updated dvb/crazzycat support did get included unintentionally

Aha so the solution is the whitelist setting? And what should I enable there?

Probably this is related also then: when watching some channel for a couple of minutes green/red lines appear?

Example: - the edges of the trailer or the dress

With the next version when Kodi is bumped, the Team Kodi team has restored the old behaviour of Krypton if no whitelist options are selected, this will solve a lot of the whitelist related issues, it’s been a badly implemented feature.

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You should enable all desired resolutions and refresh rates
For interlaced IPTV it’s better to select 50Hz and not select 25Hz (if you iptv is 50i)

Red/Green lines is amlogic deinterlace bug. You can disable deinterlacing in settings, but picture for some channels like sport channels will be not so good.

Don’t select any SD resolutions as this will degrade the picture even if it is SD and will produce the picture in an odd pill box configuration.

The whole whitelist thing is a balls and will stump many people trying Leia. Cannot even understand the reason for it.


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