CoreELEC 8.95.5


If you want auto color switching, look in the FunHouse builds thread.


Run´s well, but the Filemanager crash allways, after copy or move is finished and back to Mainscreen.



dev. mecool kiii pro.
Hi guys!
There was an update for tvheadend server / client, but not updated. Why?


In the nightlys I read something about “CoreELEC RC2”. Here the latest stable build is Beta 5.
So may I ask for a date of the next release please?

Thanks for the great work.


We don’t have release dates. It will be released when everything we’re working on is ready and tested.


The same here. TVH does not update


The newer addon versions were listed by accident and are removed, now.
If you refresh your repo, these versions shouldn’t be included anymore.


RC4 is out im waiting happy for a new CE Update <3