CoreELEC 8.95.5


You need the S905 image to install CE on your box. Install to internal is not officially supported.


Hello guys,
with 8.95.5 I am not able to switch from a channel to another, every switch the screen is black. I need to stop the channel then switch to another one and it works. I rebuilt the sd card from scratch to have a clean installation but it is the same. What can I check? With 8.95.4 was fine…

thanks for your replies!


Solved… just removed 1920x1080x50 from white list and it works :roll_eyes:


Thanks for your reply. I’m stumped as other sources have suggested adding echo ‘444,10bit’ > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr to my file.

What’s the difference between 444,10bit & 422,10bit?



444 with 10-bits will put you over HDMI 2.0 bandwidth limit at 50 and 60Hz, and you may end up “No signal”.
422 @ 10-bit is what HDR is specced at.
We recommended 444,10bit before because 422 was broken in earlier kernel versions. Now it works fine, and that is the correct setting to use.


Once again, thank you for your informative explanation.


As several people have reported, remote controls don’t work in this version. Does anybody have a hint how to make it work again?



Since the update to 8.95.5 the EPG for IPTV is peppered with bright green dots. I assume that this change to the EPG was introduced with the implementation of the IPTV replay function. Presumably the green dots are supposed to indicate that a recording is available. In my case this is unnecessary, as my IPTV provider (Zattoo) makes recordings available for all programs. Would it be possible to get rid of the green dots or to introduce an option to make the green dots a user choice ?


Auto colour space switching was the only I reason am using a km8 pro 912 box for mixed 1080p and 4k HDR usage, hope it’s fixed soon

Remote is working fine which is good, only other issue was CEC taking over exclusive use of my ARC and AVR 5.1 system. I disabled CEC in coreELEC which seems to have allowed other devices to use it but still getting some strange behaviour, as only works for other devices when the km8 pro is on.


If you want auto color switching, look in the FunHouse builds thread.


Run´s well, but the Filemanager crash allways, after copy or move is finished and back to Mainscreen.



dev. mecool kiii pro.
Hi guys!
There was an update for tvheadend server / client, but not updated. Why?


In the nightlys I read something about “CoreELEC RC2”. Here the latest stable build is Beta 5.
So may I ask for a date of the next release please?

Thanks for the great work.


We don’t have release dates. It will be released when everything we’re working on is ready and tested.


The same here. TVH does not update


The newer addon versions were listed by accident and are removed, now.
If you refresh your repo, these versions shouldn’t be included anymore.