CoreELEC 8.95.7


Hi, thanks for responding.

Here’s the standard XML file. As mentioned all three devices were working perfectly with it before the update.


Yes you still need to do this if you have done a fresh install otherwise it will be retained if you did it in 8.95.6.


This looks okay.

The newest Kodi version introduced an updated database schema, which is being created during the first start.
Could you please take a look, if the following databases exist in your mySQL server?


I’m not sure if this is related but I have noticed with recent nightlies that I usually have to “restart kodi” after a boot for it to load the database on my NAS. I haven’t been able to report as I’ve been moving house and xmas and everything so it’s all a bit hectic.


Do you have “wait for network” enabled?
Sometimes the device finishes booting Kodi before the network is ready to use.
I had a similar problem a few weeks ago and was able to solve it with this option.


I think that’s fixed my problem, thank you.


I saw it do the db conversion the first time it updated… here is a grab, showing the updated Video folder (not music though)


Hmmm…that’s strange.
I will bring this up in the team chat.

Are you able to connect to ssh when this is happening?
Maybe the kodi.log contains some useful information.


As soon as I copy the XML file to it and then reboot, it crashes and isn’t available remotely.


You can try to use UNIX EOL conversion in this file(In Notepad++ Edit->EOL Conversion->Unix), not Windows.
This is converted file advancedsettings.xml (484 Bytes)


The file has been working fine for about 8 years, has something changed with this version?

I thought about rolling back to an older version but it auto updates as soon as I turn it on


Did you try the method I said you before, still the same error?


I’ll try the converted file and let you know, thanks


I also use a MySQL database but I have no problem with the latest nightly. Turn off the auto update and then downgrade to the previous version.


I also use MySQL DB for my Kodi instances - Android, Windows and Linux (incl. CE).
Always staying with the “bleeding-edge” Kodi versions - no issues with the libraries observed so far… :confused:


I have massive problems with this new version. Kodi crashes all the time on my LePotato. Anyone with the same problems?

Kodi crash log:


I’ve seen in your logs, that you have the “GRID” skin installed.
Although it is one of the most beautiful ones around, it is unmaintained for some months, now:

Could you please try using Estuary - at least for testing?
If it doesn’t solve your problems, you could always switch back.


Copied your generated xml file to a working, clean install, rebooted once and it came back but with no library, changed the wait for network option and rebooted. Same issue as before, although it boots and the corelec logo shows but then no video output or response. However, further examination shows that the box is actually connectable and I can access the kodi.log file 01_KODI.log (49.9 KB)

If I then delete the XML file, reboot, it all works again.

It would be a right pita but I could try dropping all the tables in the SQL dB and see what happens?


I’m not using the Grid skin, it is just installed. I’m using the Estuary skin, still a problem?



I have philips TV and odroid c2.
Hdmi cec is not working as it should.
For example… when i press button “up” it moves up in a menu and in the same time lowers the volume.
Like button have double function

Can this be resolved?

I just moved from libreelec and there hdmi cec was working OK.

Anyway corecec seems to run better on my odroidc2 than librelec. Keep up with good work :grinning: