CoreELEC is now available and can be downloaded from our GitHub page here.



  • fixed blackscreen with retroplayer
  • fixed frame skips when using audio delay
  • fixed bluetooth on devices with qca9377
  • fixed frame skips with h264 content
  • fixed uploading log files via CE-settings
  • fixed w_scan dvb frequency limits
  • fixed wetek dvb-t detection


  • enabled gpio sysfs interface for Odroid C2
  • enabled uvc camera support
  • improved dvb scan
  • improved deinterlaced content detection
  • improved support
  • improved netflix 720p playback on S912
  • removed hevc aspect ratio fix
  • updated dvb driver
  • updated qca9377 driver and firmware


  • added dual vtv board support for KVIM2
  • added support for legacy amremote remote.conf
  • added support for Magicsee C300/C300 Pro/C400 Pro and Konig 4K


  • IR may unexpectedly stop working after applying this update due to the addition of support for amremote remote.conf files, if this happens, simply delete /flash/remote.conf and/or /storage/.config/remote.conf and reboot if you wish to continue using your meson-ir configuration.

Can anyone detail a bit more the “Improved 720p Netflix in S912”? What actually did it change?


@anthonws you can refer to the following link here, for more information regarding that change.

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Amazing stuff! Loved reading it and the brilliant workarounds to get h264 ffmep to an extraordinary level on these SoC’s.


But, the auto update does not work.

@Bindou auto update is disabled for the first 24 hours after any release so we can monitor for any issues that we have missed before updates are pushed out to our entire user database.


it’s a very good idea.

Hi … what is better? , auto update or burn to SD card

All seems to work well here on wetek play 2. Many thanks for fixing “frame skips when using audio delay” and “wetek dvb-t detection”. Very important for me !

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Does this exclude the need for “dirtyregions” in Advancedsettings.xml?
Will try it tonight…

Unfortunately it does not work on my X92_S912 box. It’s even worse than with “smartredraw”.
Now it “jerks” twice with every subtittle appereance, as opposed to smartredrow, when it “jerks” only once.
So, “dirtyregions” is still my only option to avoid subtittle stutter :frowning:

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I have the same problem when upgrading my M8S II.
It is stuck on the booting screen.
Replacing the dtb.img did not help :(.
Is it possible to recover my data?

Anyone know if it works with the 905X2 ?

Yes we Do. It Doesn’t its a different Processor / GPU and IS not yet supported and probably wont be for a while

@Fenderman you can go back to the previous release without losing your data by replacing the SYSTEM and kernel.img files on your SD/USB.

does not work on my S912…stutters like hell :frowning:

So a sensible precaution before updating my Mini MS8 II from the final RC release would be to backup the SYSTEM and KERNEL files from the SD Card via my PC, and if the update fails I can just copy them back again? I already have full CoreELEC+Kodi backup files created from within the user interface anyway, but I don’t think that backs up the actual OS itself does it?


No it doesn’t back up the OS. A backup is only really complete if you store it with the matched install image.


Of course I still have the install image anyway, so worst-case I can just put that back, set the network up, and then restore the Kodi backup from my server.


Do “profiles” work in the new final ?
In beta releases profiles didnt work. You could add new profiles but coouldnt log on to them.
I need profiles to sepperate my movies from children movies in a secure way.

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I did a manual update using the S905.tar on my Odroid C2 and now it doesn’t boot. no SSH either.

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