CoreELEC 9.0.x Remote files


I am using Coreelec on a Minix U9-H (SD) and since the minix remote doesn’t work out of the box I bought also a Wetek Pro Remote that should have worked out of the box. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem so…quite strange mhhh, what I am doing wrong and how could I fix this problem?


Hi, I have the H1 Full Touchpad Keyboard 6-Axis Gyro 2.4GHz Air Mouse. The problem is that the Air Mouse is automatically activated every time you wake up the remote control. Is it possible to set the Air Mouse function to only be activated by pressing the button on the remote control? Thank you for your help.


remote.conf for Minix U9-H, I believe this has better responses than the one posted above, pulled directly from the Android 7 image.


Yeah some remotes have this issue with the air mouse button activating by itself. Here is a similar experience I was having with Rii i25A Mini Wireless Keyboard / Air mouse.

I think buttons such as the air mouse one cannot be customized (most of the times same happens with the main “back” button), but I’m not sure.


Thank you for answer. Also, I have not found a solution to the problem with the air mouse. Currently, I have this feature turned off completely. But I would like to use the air mouse function. I believe there is some way, like here:


Hello friends,
I have Tanix Tx 3mini, (S905W, 2GB RAM), and I have a problem with IR remote on this box during playback one video format, when I playback this video, ir not responding. HDMI CEC is still working…can anybody try this video playback on your coreelec box and write to me if your IR remote is working during playback? thanks! :slight_smile:



I don’t know how remote and video file can be related. For me all works good with this file on S912 box.


today I try playback video file on Vorke Z6 and Odroid C2 and there is not any problem, problem is only on tanix tx3 mini, it is interesting


For those who want remote.conf for Beelink MiniMXIII TV Box 1000M LAN (

0x03 KEY_UP



i looked in files and i see kiii but try and not working.
i want mecool k3 pro key tables ! thanks.


This is a mess. I don’t have any of these files in my /storage folder, including .config or anything like that. I found a command to resolve defining the factory shipped remote with the MeCool M8S W and the procedure that works is here: [Solved] Mecool M8S Pro+ not working . It appears the software has been vastly changed since this thread was started. Pity anyone trying to get an answer on how to add a remote - there needs to be a wiki on it.


Did you read this topic below


You do, you probably have display hidden folders unchecked in the CoreELEC settings.

Also bear in mind that some of the folders have a different name (although very similar) when viewed as a pc folder via windows file manager.


Was seeing the same file structure with PuTTY and with WinSCP I don’t have a storage/.config directory.


Try .configfiles