CoreELEC 9.2.0

CoreELEC 9.2.0

CoreELEC 9.2.0 is now available. We have come a long way since our first 9.0.0 release 7 months ago, and there have been big changes in CoreELEC. Based upon Kodi v18.4 final, this release has added support for more devices than ever before. CoreELEC now supports the very latest Amlogic chipsets, including S905X2/S922X and A311D using the Amlogic 4.9 Linux vendor kernel.

Changes since 9.0.3:

  • added ability to turn on/off 5v power during power-off/sleep on ODROID-N2
  • added BL301 inject feature *
  • added support for Beelink GT-King (S922X)
  • added support for Khadas VIM3 (A311D)
  • added support for S905X2 devices
  • added WiFi firmware for devices with AP6236 chipset
  • added WiFi driver for RTL8822BS
  • fixed RTL8723BS bluetooth support
  • rebranded Kodi
  • updated DVB drivers
  • updated Kodi to v18.4
  • updated OpenVFD driver
  • updated OpenVPN to enable server mode

* Refer to the following thread for more information on the inject_bl301 tool and how to use it.

For a number of months now the CoreELEC developers have been working on the Amlogic 4.9 vendor kernel to support the latest devices that have recently become available on the market. We have been collaborating with members of the Beelink, Hardkernel, and Khadas teams to support these devices better than previous devices. As a result of this work we are able to easily add additional support for Generic S905X2 devices. Users who have one of these devices should use the “Amlogic-ng” images for new installs and updating.


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