CoreELEC 9.2.2

CoreELEC 9.2.2

CoreELEC 9.2.2 is now available bringing with it Kodi v18.6; a new, updated kernel for users of our -ng releases (more on this below); support for S905Y2 and S905X3 devices; HDR10+ support for -ng users; support for additional WiFi and BT adaptors and updated drivers for existing ones; and several bug fixes, thanks to all the users who have been running our nightly releases and giving us plenty of feedback to work with.

For users of our -ng releases, this release marks a significant upgrade. The kernel has been completely reworked from the ground up and is based on the latest Amlogic Android BSP which now supports HDR10+ playback. We have also completely re-engineered our approach to how the kernel uses the media modules responsible for hardware decoding. Gone are the days of fusing the modules to the kernel; we are now building the media modules as external modules, as Amlogic intended, with fewer hacks in the process.

Also of importance to our -ng releases is a fix to Kodi that makes use of the Amlogic multi decoder u-code, as development by Amlogic on the single decoder u-code used in earlier releases appears to have ceased. This brings improved hardware video decoding capabilities and more content is now playable with fewer issues than ever before.

Changes since 9.2.1:

  • Added support for Khadas VIM3L
  • Added support for Odroid C4
  • Added support for X88 King
  • Added support for S905X3 devices
  • Added support for S905Y2 devices
  • Fixed green screen issue (ng)
  • Fixed HDMI-CEC issues (ng)
  • Fixed Wake-on-LAN (ng)
  • Updated bl301 (ng)
  • Updated boot splash
  • Updated ceemmc (ng)
  • Updated installtoemmc (ODROID-N2)
  • Updated kernel (ng)
  • Updated libcec
  • Updated media modules (ng)
  • Updated ODROID-N2 bootloader
  • Updated OpenVFD (added FD650 support)
  • Added support for HDR10+ (ng)
  • Added TVHeadend 4.3 addon
  • Fixed resume after pause in Kodi
  • Updated
  • Updated Kodi addons
  • Updated Kodi to v18.6
  • Added new hardware tab in CE-settings
  • Added support to configure CEC in CE-settings (ng)
  • Added support to configure fan in CE-settings
  • Added support to configure ODROID-N2/C4 blue LED heartbeat in CE-settings
  • Added support to configure ODROID-N2/C4 USB power in CE-settings
  • Added support to configure IR remote power code in CE-settings (ng)
  • Added support to configure the CPU governor in CE-settings
  • Added support to configure VESA display in CE-settings
  • Added support to configure WOL in CE-settings
  • Added support to install/remove BL301 bootloader in CE-settings (ng)
  • Added WiFi driver for RTL8189FS (ng)
  • Added WiFi driver for RTL8723BS (ng)
  • Added WiFi driver for RTL8822CS (ng)
  • Added WiFi driver for MT7668 (ng)
  • Fixed disconnect/reconnect issue in CE-settings for Broadcom chipsets
  • Fixed issue with RTL BT adaptors having a new mac on every reboot
  • Updated Broadcom chipsets WiFi driver
  • Updated RTL8821CU WiFi driver
  • Added Bluetooth support for RTL8822BS
  • Added Bluetooth support for RTL8822CS
  • Updated Bluetooth firmware for RTL8723BS


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