Coreelec does not boot in X96 mini


I am running into a second problem.

I installed Coreelec successfully on a x96 mini 6 weeks ago. All is working fine.
I tried to duplicate the same things with a new x96 mini which I bought recently. Same model.
I downloded the recent image onto a USB stick, changed the and tried the toothpick method (like last time)

Now all what i get is this

What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this?
Thx for your help


Does the installation on SD card/USB stick from first box work on this new box?
There are 2 versions of X96 mini boxes, with S905W and S905X processors…


No, all gets me to this page…
I tried both the “new” and the “old” USB stick…
Will double check the processor, though


It’s the Amlogic 905W processor


IIRC that screen means the USB stick is not ‘seen’.

Will the new USB stick boot on the old device?


What is the Android version on the box?
My X96mini_S905W box is on Android 7.1.2 and it’s rooted.
What about yours?


No, it doesn’t. But I tried with two different USB sticks and a Micro SD card…


That’s exactly my version


And the “old” USB stick doesn’t work on it either. And on top of it I tried with two different x96 boxes which just arrived…