CoreElec HW monitor


this is excellent…

also, there’s an android client app if you’re interested…


Great, but I need an iOS app:)
There is one but it won’t connect to my server for some reason. Anyone else tried it?


I haven’t installed this to my device, but I did get the ios app, & it wouldn’t connect to any of my servers.

I was expecting a message of some sort, not failed to connect


That’s the same app as for iOS. Icon is same too. But won’t connect for me :tired_face:


Hi, thanks for the tip, but I have like 0 knowledge about programming. I opened the index.html file in coderunner editor and found the right section, but have I have no clue how to edit these lines to achieve what I want. I’d like the gauges in following order from the left: Disk Read / Disk Write / Used RAM / CPU usage / Temperature / Net in / Net Out.
Is that easy? Thanks so much for help.


So, I just tried myself and changed the order of all the paragraphs and it worked! See attached screenshot :smiley:


And one more good news! I managed to get the IOS app working. The problem was in the server address. So, this is the right format: http://IPADDRESS:19999


Hey guys, I just find out that my Netdata is still stuck on original version and I tried to updating it but without a result… Any advice on how to manually update Netdata on KIII Pro? thanks


Did you try the following?

opkg update
opkg upgrade

Be aware, that you most probably need to adjust the before changed files again to add temperature data to your charts.


Thank you, that WORKED! All the settings are fine and same as before upgrade. thank you