CoreElec N2 Stopped Working - Cannot Boot

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You too are soooooo helpful.
Thankyou sooooo much.

And yes Sholander is bored on and/or with Pentecost.
He wants to wonder while he “wanders” [sic]

Are you doubting the word of someone who owns and uses the N2 with emmc ?
If I say its there it most certainly is there FFS.


Show me. My N2 looks just like the CE model in link I posted.
No one’s word is good any more.
Hasn’t been for decades.

You could be using Odroid N2 but not the CE N2 model which is different.

I understand you’re feeling frustrated or beyond. It shows in your posts. I even understand what you mean by you’re “running out of time”.

Foremost you seems overwhelmed with a combination of issues, all coinciding and colliding at one moment in time.

You are in a situation where pretty much the only thing that’s left to do is to start over again and reinstall everything from scratch. Yes, you lost everything that was on the box. Yes, you probably will have to reinstall everything. Agreed, it blows, big-time.

I acknowledge this is a crappy situation for you, especially since you invested a significant amount of money into something that seems a total waste of time and money. I certainly understand that.

I also would like you to understand that what I am doing is not just for you, but for everyone who might end up in a similar situation, be that because of a corrupted SD Card, or having to migrate to another box.

I ask myself questions such as: how can we turn this into something positive? What can we learn from this? In the future, how can this be avoided, and if not avoided, at least remedied with a minimum of effort? How can others benefit from this?

Those are the sort of things I focus on, because In the end, that is what benefits everyone, including me and you.

Attached are 2 walk-troughs on how to copy files and make backups in Kodi and CoreELEC. The Kodi one shows you where to un-hide hidden files. All the information you require to make a successful full system backup is contained in these files.

Thank you for understanding,

You’re welcome.

HOW TO Backup the entire Kodi System to USB Flash Drive - CoreELEC.pdf (4.0 MB)
HOW TO Copy remote files in Kodi using a USB Mouse and Flash Drive - CoreELEC.pdf (7.1 MB)

Now you are making wild and rather insulting speculations. There is one and only one N2 on the market and they all have emmc sockets. If you bothered to do a little research you would find it clearly labelled on the board and on HK’s advertising literature.

Starting to suspect your doing this for your own entertainment.


It’s not the first time I’ve seen you drag out a simple topic into a lengthy back and forth discussion.
First of all, show some respect to people who are trying to help you, and have gone above and beyond what they should’ve.
No body here owes you anything, and if you don’t feel like putting in any sort of effort into getting your own problems resolved, and expect everybody to spoonfeed you, perhaps CoreELEC is not for you.

This will be your first and last warning in regards to your attitude in this community.

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Oh pleassssse!
OK so it’s item L -
But there’s no port for that on back of C2.
Does emmc plug directly in board?
That’s not what pix showed on product link you posted.
Do you not get that mortal humans are not mind readers of tech gurus?

Hi BOB here live from the I.S.S give me two minutes to get my N2 up and running and I will walk you through it

To clarify/confirm -
I select destination for music playlists on left side like this -
System (gear icon) > File Manager >
Add Source (L side) > Browse > Home folder > .kodi > media > userdata > playlists > music
Then I select my flash drive source of playlists the same way on right side
(name of flash/ext hd) > (name of playlist xml file)
Then what?
When I press OK, or left arrow to copy file to playlist > music folder, nothng happens.

Note: Kodi wiki indicates use of File Manager opposite to your instruct,
stating that original file (source) is on left, and on right is destination to which source file(s) will be copied.
Yet, there still is no instruct on what action to take (or button to push) to copy files from source to destination.
Clear? Concise? Comprehensive?

“The File Manager is a remote control friendly interface that uses an A-B panel system. For example, when copying files, Panel A (left panel) contains the original file and Panel B (right panel) will be the selected location the file is copied to.”

FYI - those files are hidden on Mac.
I happened to notice when I trashed storage folder and emptied trash, message said emptying 400+ items.
So I switched to show hidden files and there are .cache, .config, and .kodi folders in the storage folder, and each of those with multiple folders containing files.
So now I guess I’ll switch to nightly builds to get rid of the external hd bottom usb port issue, and see what else I run into with this LTMFC.
You’re welcome.

This is more than strange since a none corrupted STORAGE partition has multiple folders and should not ever be EMPTY as you initially described.


Now who can’t/isn’t reading?
Didn’t I say the files are HIDDEN on Mac OS, so folder isn’t empty otherwise trash would not say emptying 400+ items.
All system folders and files are by default hidden on Mac OS, but can be made visible (greyed out) with a terminal command.
I use a little free app IvisibliX to toggle hidden/show which is much easier.

So everybody, you see I can, do and have figured out many things for myself.

The folders I am talking about are not hidden.


Maybe not on CoreElec or on Windows or whatever you’re using,
but they ARE hidden on Mac bc of default setting that hides all system files, esp anything with dot in front, and all 3 of those folders have that - .cache, .config, and .kodi
AND there is no external port for eMMc
AND here’s how to copy playlist from external drive to Kodi app -

You’re welcome.

Sorry but with that you lost any shred of credibility you had left.
Bye and good luck with sorting it all out yourself.


As if I care what you consider credible!
You’ve done nothing but send me down rabbit trails and on wild goose chases.

I’ve edited your post reply to shoog.

If you attack members personally one more time

I will personally delete your account

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Well this whole thread has at least made for slightly interesting reading. I wish adamg was still around just to see what he would have replied.

@ds_tx people have been trying to help you not lead you down rabbit holes or trails as you call them. What is still currently not working for you on your new install? The emmc fits directly to the board and you will need to open the case to carry out this function. The hard kernal website shows all this information and Google can be your friend for some of your more basic queries.

I’m my opinion emmc is a better way to go but obviously increases the cost of the board. Good class 10 SD cards should function without issue and give you a stable working system. You would have received one of these when you brought the system.

Can you let people know what you are using to navigate through the menus on your system a mouse or remote? Advice can then be offered on copying your files.

The backup function in CoreELEC works really well you will find it in settings then CoreELEC then system. If you plug a USB device (thumb drive or pen) into your box you will be able to backup and restore from here. Alternatively it automatically backs up into the backup folder contained within the home folder. You may need to go back a couple of levels by clicking on the top folder back icon before you see attached drives.

Last bit of advice try to be pleasant and you will find people a lot more willing to try and help you. I have run multiple CoreELEC boxes in various different ways and have always found the information I need here. This has come either from reading existing forums or by asking a polite question. Also remember this software is all created, updated and improved by people getting no financial gain who give their time and expertise for free.

I’d advise that you take in any information you have been given here and stop meddling around with things you don’t understand and can’t be bothered to research. CoreELEC is not your personal collection of tutors, but more here to assist those that have tried to educate themselves but need a little help here and there, along with issues specifically attributed to CoreELEC. Please stop polluting this thread with your ever changing issues, as you are presently not complying with forum etiquette. Thanks. :wink: