CoreELEC now supports Odroid N2 (S922X)

CoreELEC now supports Odroid N2 (S922X)

We’re happy to announce that CoreELEC now supports the Odroid N2 by Hardkernel.

CoreELEC is the first Kodi based OS to support Amlogic’s newest addition to it’s family, the S922X.

Over the past 2 months the CoreELEC team has been working on adding support for the Odroid N2 prior to it’s release, during this time we have produced an Alpha image that has all the main compenents working to be able to use this device on a daily basis, including booting from both SD and eMMC, DVB support, hardware decoding, HDR, network and sound!

There are still some issues to be worked out of course but development with this board is moving at a fast pace and it’s got all of us here very excited and we see a very bright future for this device.

You can find our Alpha image and follow the development for the Odroid N2 here.

We would like to thank the nice people over at Hardkernel who have supported CoreELEC by donating hardware to our team for us to be able to achieve this.