CoreElec randomly stops playing video

Hello fellow community members,
I have a new Odroid C4 with latest CoreElec 19.5 running.
When playing video from the internet (on, the viewing repeatedly stops and the screen returns to the list of videos.
I did find a 2-year-old thread with the same problem, but the fix suggested there - adding to config.ini: cec_func_config=β€˜0’`- and a clean install did not solve it either.

Hope there are other options!?
Regards, Pieter

Try clean fresh install with CE-20, CE-19 is final.
Also cec_func_config is handled by Kodi, so your settings get overwritten on next boot.

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Thanks, Portisch. Installing CE-20 went fine, but a new problem arises: when I want to install a repository from USB-stick, the system does not recognize it. And I did try 2 different usb’s. does not work either on CE-20.
I’d like to find a solution that does not create new, other ones. So I return to CE-19.5 which at least worked - apart from the random halts during video playback.
Could anyone help with that?
Regards, Pieter

I guess it’s your internet connection itself.
But no log, no error

Hi Portisch,
Thanks, the error log is at
The problem was reproduced today twice: at 5.45 pm and at 5.59 pm

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