CoreELEC Settings Hardware Section

Please use the CoreELEC Wiki:

CoreELEC Settings Hardware Section

There are some different options to customize the used device.
Please keep in mind that some option may be accessible or hidden depending on the used hardware.

Some options are marked with DANGEROUS:
DANGEROUS means there will be needed to enter a random confirmation code before this setting get applied! Changing this option can maybe prevent the device from booting!

Enter the CoreELEC Hardware section



If the hardware support it a Fan section become available. It’s possible to enable/disable the fan and set the speed if set to manual mode


The settings only apply if the underlying hardware does support it!

Inject BL301 Blob DANGEROUS

  • Please remember that enable this option can stop your device from booting!
  • Please use this guide.

If BL301 is injected or like Odroid devices there will be some more options available

IR Remote Power code

  • A default IR code can be defined to be used to wake up the device from power off/suspend.
    If your remote is not included in the default list you are still able to add it manually by this guide:
    How to configure IR wakeup code


  • If a Realtek RTL8211F is assembled this option is visible. However it depends on the bootloader if usable or not. If not maybe try to inject bl301 first.

USB Power

  • Enable/disable the USB port 5V while in power off/suspend mode.


The settings only apply if the underlying hardware does support it!

These settings do only apply to the wake up features by CEC. For other CEC settings in Kodi please use the libCEC options in the Input section of Kodi settings.

Please remember that there are various CEC implementations available like Simplink, Viera Link,… So any single option may act different or does not work at all on different hardware!

Since 20210218 the CEC settings in CoreELEC-19 are available under peripheral CEC settings:

Device OSD Name

  • Define the CEC OSD name getting shown when in power off/suspend mode. The string is limited to 14 chars.

CEC Wake-Up

  • Enable/disable the resume from power off/suspend at all.

Auto power on

  • Enable/disable the resume from power off/suspend when user key is pressed or text view command.

Streaming path/Routing change

  • Enable/disable the resume from power off/suspend when the streaming path or the routing is changed to the device.

Active Route

  • Enable/disable the resume from power off/suspend when the device become active route.


VESA modes

  • Enable/disable VESA display modes


CPU governor

  • Set CPU governor for all cores



  • Enable/disable parking of the attached HDD before going to power off/suspend mode.

Parking Time

  • Wait time in seconds for the HDD to enter park mode.

Idle Time

  • Wait time in minutes until a HDD get send to idle mode when no access of the HDD does happen.

Additional CoreELEC 19 options

Device Tree

The settings only apply if the underlying hardware does support it!
System LED

  • Choose preferred mode for the system LED


  • Choose preferred mode for the red LED

SPI Interface

  • Enable/disable SPI interface on the GPIO pin header

IR Protocol Type

  • Default IR protocol used for meson_ir


  • Choose eMMC speed. Please change this setting only when booting from external boot media like uSD or USB. Then check with dmesg if eMMC is working properly before apply the setting when booting from internal eMMC! Otherwise you can stop prevent the device from booting!
    In such case boot from external boot media, mount the internal memory and remove the file /CE_FLASH/dtb.xml and replace your /CE_FLASH/dtb.img by the used default one.

DVB GPIO support

  • Enable/disable DVB GPIO support on the GPIO pin header

WiFi SoC SDIO Speed

  • Low/normal WiFi SoC SDIO speed. This is only needed for some devices with a bad WiFi SoC.

Hi! Any idea with which IR-setting I can get the Odroid N2+ to power on using a Tanix TX92 remote? Power Off (and anything else) works like a charm


What should I do to Power Settings in H96 Max X3?

Thanks in advance…

Best regards…

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For IR wake up codes not in the list you can manually add it by this guide:


Thanks! It worked! :grinning: :santa:

I have N2 + with Fan, Fan part is not active for me.

Odroid does not support the fan. Its automatic controlled by temperature.

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