Coreelec support for Amiko A4?

Hello, @Pelican, @kostaman, @Vasco, @Blakey,

gentlemen, could you be so kind to help me to find right person in your team, who is able to help me with above mentioned?

Thank you very much and have a good day. :smiley:

Guys, does anyone have anything to do with this? I received a message via SC that it could be an SD card. So I picked a card from set-top-box where it works and inserted it into set-top-box where it doesn’t work. She did not. So it won’t be an SD card. I thought of configuring the boot, but how? I haven’t found anything applicable for CoreELEC on the net yet, but I’ll keep looking.

So you have 2 identical Amiko A4’s ?
Are they both on the same Android Version ?

You are saying both boot correctly using the MeCool KI Plus dtb.img

Are you telling us that the problem Amiko A4 boots first time to CE SD Card performing the initial install pressing the reset switch .?

But it does not boot to sd card after it is powered off ??

Or it doesn’t boot from Android .if choosing restart ??

Hello, @kostaman,

thank you very much for your fast response.

These Amiko A4 boxes were bought in the same year (quarter), so I assume, they are identical. The Kodi shows the same CPU. But, if do you need me to double-check it by CPU-Z, I could do so.

They also have got the same (latest) Amiko’s image installed. (I assume it means, they are on the same release of Android installed.)

Yes, both of them use the same MeCool KI Plus dtb.img. (I wasn’t able to use backup from 1st Amiko installed to 2nd one. I had to install it from the scratch.)

2nd one doesn’t boot from SD card after power off or restart. I need to push reset for approximately four seconds, then it boots from SD card, every time.

@anon88919003 explained how the aml_autoscript works HERE

To explain it better the contents of aml_autoscript are saved to the env partition when pressing the reset button.

This partition is read by the bootloader at every boot up and contains the boot commands, that is why it is only needed once because once our modifications are saved then they are there forever unless you do a factory reset.

aml_autoscript contains some basic commands to tell the bootloader to try booting from USB/SD first before the eMMC.

Not sure what’s happening on that one box of yours

Hmm, where is this aml_autoscript located, exactly? Am I able to check on it from CoreELEC? I would compare them on both boxes…

I have got it:

A4KMichal:~ # find / -name aml_autoscript

@kostaman, do you know, which one is original and which one is a copy? (They are identical in both locations, but I need to know, which one do I need to edit, if necessary?) Thanks.

EDIT: It is the one located in /flash/aml_autoscript, because of it is executable.

Don’t mess with anything in trying to fix this.
You can either Reset Android and try again or just wait for a reply from Devs.
Are you using a Samsung Evo or Sandisk SD Card ?
Let us know what you’re using.
If you have a spare USB Flash Drive give that a shot.

Ok, I will wait for your developers.
It is Samsung in both cases according to:

A4Ninka:~ # cat /sys/devices/\:0001/manfid


According to ??

Is this some dodgy SD Card with no branding printed on the card itself ?

Picture please or

Precisely which Sandisk SD Card is this you are using ?

Dodgy Fake SD Cards must be eliminated before we go any further as they most certainly will cause issues.

… according to manfid.

But you can find them in this picture:

Both of them works in 1st Amico (A4KMichal) as expected, only. (They are recognized by Amiko and Amiko can boot from them.) Non of them are recognized by 2nd Amico (A4Ninka) by default. Reset is needed to boot from them.

I have got another input for you: When I removed SD card from 1st Amico, it wrote me this:, what is ok, I assume.

So, there is something wrong in 2nd Amico .

Whhat does it do ??
Not Boot means what ?
I can’t guess. What’s on screen ??
Is the box appearing on your network without a picture ??
I can’t guess.

Both SD Cards are worthless and will give you issues.
They’re so old and slow it’s not worth wasting your time with them.

2nd one doesn’t boot from SD card after power off or restart. It starts from Android partition, directly.

The class of these SD cards should not be an issue with booting order. It might be the issue with slow response… And, I ordered faster card. And I will test it, when they will arrive from Honk Kong.

Till then I would really like to ask you to take a look at booting, if possible. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

There is no problem with booting, as it works for everyone, and it’s a standard way to boot an Amlogic device.
Try swapping your cards and see if the problematic box still needs reset or not.
If it does, it could be a problem with the box.

Hello, @TheCoolest,

I have already done it and this is the result: Coreelec support for Amiko A4?

I don’t think anyone here has heard about this box, and none of us have one of them to try and debug the problem.
I’m not an expert on how all this booting thing works, but from my understanding, there needs to be a partition where the configuration is saved and persisted when you hold the reset button. After the change is saved, following boots will not require holding the reset button.
Maybe on a later device things changed and this partition was moved/renamed or something like that, which has caused this problem.

I understand. Maybe you missed the information, it should be another “type” of KI Plus:

Hi everyone, I bought an used A5 (not combo, T2 only) and, since is very similar to Mecool KII (S905D), I really want to test CE Matrix on it.

Of course I already tried to boot CE trough the SD card slot (with “reboot update” function from Android) without success.

Any suggestion ?

Last but not least: since the box is very well manufactured (and quite spreaded since it can run Enigma and other sat-distros), it would be great to officially support it once it will be 100% verified, IMHO.