Coreelec to android

hello im new to this i flash coreelec to my s905w android box emmc flash if i wanted to flash andoid again to emmc how should i do it

Re read the instructions you used to first flash it.

Restore Android on eMMC? Get a vendor Android img and create a boot disk with Burncardmaker.
Insert the uSD, push and hold reset button on the device, plug in DC power. Hold the reset button till you see some recover output on the screen. Release the button and wait until flashing is finished.

I tried it but the USB cable method don’t work because the box is not recognized by my computer and i also tried the SD card method and still it shows the android logo and error mark
i think when i installed the coreElec to emmc the file system of it was changed that’s why it’s not recognized by the UBS but the sd card method not sure why failed anyway thank you

Stop nonsense, there is only one valid method, you need the amlogic software ‘usb burning tool’, a male usb to male usb cable, and the firmware of your device with ‘.img’ format. Search the internet for the way to do it, there is a lot of information about this.

Make sure you are using correct version of USB burning tool for your hardware.


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