CoreELEC wants you!

“Women and Men Wanted: For hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.”

We are an open group and we are always looking for people to work with us. If you want to help in any way just get in touch with us.



Sounds like the perfect job for @KodiKinG :tada::+1:t3:

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In for testing, KI Plus s905, DVB-S.

I’m not a big tester, I have different Amlogic boxes (S905, S905X, S912, S905W), tested all LE builds for Amlogic devices over the last 1.5 years.

I’d love to help out. Testing wise have around 12 boxes which i mess around with.

Also got access to a large amount of web infrastructure and used to be a system admin.

I’m ready for test.

I’ve WeTek Play 2 and Mecool K1 Pro.

Best regards…

@latic I’m looking for someone with a MXV+ (S905) or a M9 Pro to test new code for VFDs.

+1 Who would like to participate in the tests
KI Pro, KI Plus

Be happy to be a tester… running a Minix U9 via Denon x1300w to Vizio P65. I bought this mainly for HDR and Atmos support, which I don’t get with kodi on the Xbox One X.

I’have WeTek Play 2 . I’m ready to test

I’have WeTek Play 2.

I’m ready for the test.I’ve WeTek Play 2

I am also ready for the test. I have WetekPlay 2

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Nearest i have is m8s pro

Testers are always welcome. If you keep using our alpha (currently 8.90.x) you are already testing.

We really need supporters. As we grow we need people to answer questions and posts in our forum. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or if you just know the basics in CoreELEC. Community is what we need where everyone helps each other.

Developers are always needed. Especially if you are interested in currently unsupported devices or projects. We are open to new hardware support.

And we need all kinds of people. From the basic idea in a feature request to graphic mock-ups for features or to create community policies, code of conduct, legal advice etc.

I guess everyone can bring something to the table.


Don’t bother… you don’t qualify :rofl:

MXQproject has some hardware to test, a Youtube channel and website to spread the word about CoreELEC - Let us no what we can do to help further this project.

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Happy to help with the testing. I’ve got two Minix U1 devices.
One connected to a DELL monitor and headphones
One connected to a Samsung 4k TV via a Onkyo NR626

More than happy to help with testing here. I got a couple of LePotato’s in active service and a KVIM i can revive for testing if required, undoubtably more on the way as my low power PC addiction seemingly knows no bounds. I know my way around Linux and have compiled my own builds of LibreELEC in the past to cherry pick some patches I wanted but not sure if my skills are up to scratch to contribute much in the way of fixes etc yet. Despite the fact I majored in programming I only did it professionally for a year (and it was .NET to boot) before becoming a sys/network admin and 10 years later these days I do little more programming than the occasional scripting and maintenance of my home server/media players. Am slowly working my way back and hope to one day be able to contribute more to the cause. Saying that, I know enough about how ~ELEC builds work and I’ve been using Kodi in various shapes since it was still Xbox Media Player so I think I can help out around here answering questions etc. Will try and drop in more and lend a hand.


I’m mine more than willing to help out. Most stuff I do now days is in python because of add-ons, but my C++ skills haven’t gotten that rusty…yet👍. If Xcode can handle it then I’m always down!

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