CoreELEC wants you!


I would like to help and could test on a Wetek Play 2


Happy to test, I have a KII Pro and I use to build and flash images from master weekly.


Happy to be in and help with my RTV Box S10 (S912) :):man_technologist:


I’m good to test, i have a Le Potato (S905X-CC).


Gents, I am also ready to test, I have MeCool KIII PRO (S912)


I am an embedded software engineer. I have several S905x and S912, I can help


Hi all,

are there any tutorials how to build CoreELEC from source for specific device.

I am interested in build for Khadas vim2 device (did built couple of custom ROMs for android devices but never *ELEC).

Edit: to answer my own question -> libreELEC compile preparations first then DEVICE=KVIM2 make image :smiley:

Best regards,


Just an fyi but the proper way to refer to LibreELEC/CoreELEC/OpenELEC is to use JeOS which stands for ‘Just enough OS’.

The JeOS concept was originally created by sraue of OE and has been used by various *ELEC distributions as you put :slight_smile:.

As for instructions, you can look here, just replace references to LibreELEC with CoreELEC and use DEVICE=KVIM2 make image as you have already learned.


So how can I help?

Built and tested commit 855c3407753115ba8e913
All addons except network-tools and game.yuabase failed to compile


Hello Team!

While compiling my first LibreElec, I found you! I have multiple SBC’s along with my NAS, an XU4 NGIXX web server running openHAB, and last but not least an AMD64 Ubuntu server running bionic. Let me know what I can do to assist.



Not sure if I can be of much help, but I am certainly more than willing to try.

I have been working with building, fixing etc PCs for over 20 years, I consider myself knowledgeable and competent although I am new to *unix. Been around since MSDOS 2.2 if I recall correctly.



I am ready to test

I have a Wetek Play 2


Thank you all. Testers please move over to:


Developers can head over to our Github page:

Checkout a branch that fits you or several. If you make some changes you can send us a PR.