CoreELEC - FunHouse builds


CoreELEC - FunHouse builds

Some things just need a bit more testing and a bit more polish then others.

In an attempt to make sure that those new features and other changes get that extra attention they might need before being included in CoreELEC, I’m starting a new series of development builds, to give users a chance to test and give feedback on some new stuff before it gets merged into CoreELEC.

Just to make sure the differences between CoreELEC builds is clear.

Release builds = stable
Nightly builds = unstable; for testing what will be in the next release.
Funhouse builds = very unstable; for testing stuff that might make it into CoreELEC.

Fair Warning!!!

This is a “bleeding edge” build, that includes commits that the developers felt would require early/extra testing prior to merging into CoreELEC.

Expect more breakages and rough edges then would be found in the regular nightly builds.

Reporting issues.

Please report issues with these builds only in this thread.
Please be sure to reference the build number (e.g. fh-1847) when reporting issues.


fh-1847, 19-Nov-2018: BuildRelease post (cd/cs auto-switching, kodi-70ec863, libcec-4.0.3)

CoreELEC wants you!


CoreELEC fh-1847 is now available to be tested.

This build includes the Bitdepth Auto switching feature removed from the 8.95.5 release.

Note: To make sure we get accurate results when testing you should remove any custom disp_cap file.

Changelog (fh-1847)

This build can be downloaded here.




i installed this earlier, majority of HDR content switches cs/cd ok, i did however so far found 1 out of about 10 files that doesn’t switch correctly, instead im getting RGB FULL 1080P/60 reported from my AVR, ill grab a log in a bit and report back


After a few hours everything is OK
had a considerable temperature rise
from 68 ° to 75 °
Box KI Pro.



The build is working perfectly on my Mecool M8S pro+ with cs/cd switching! :slight_smile:
Regarding the temperature, after 1,5 hours of 1:1 UHD Blu-Ray playback through PlexKodiConnect from my NAS, the temperature was 58°C - which is normal


So far so good on an A905x (s905).


Very very good job (S905/S912)


It works perfectly on a Vorke z6 (S912). I haven’t noticed any problem. What would I see if so?

I hope this comes back to the main CoreELEC branch soon.



@Duke, it would be very helpful if you could upload some logs including mediainfo from the file that didn’t trigger the cd/cs auto-switching to work as intended.

Most problems related to the cd/cs auto-switching feature seem to be related to black screen and signal loss. In addition to corner cases where specific files do not trigger the cd/cs auto-switching which I found in the early stages. However, after the latest version (fh-1847), all the files I’ve tried seem to trigger cd/cs auto-switching :slight_smile:


i just tried but it looks like it could have been a one time fluke, ill keep an eye and let you know if it happens again, other than that its working really well here.


Just to let everybody know. Everything that was included in the fh-1847 has been merged into CoreELEC and will be in the next release of CoreELEC.

If you are interested in testing the cd/cs auto switching before then, the nightly builds are the most up to date builds for that feature now.