Coreelec with sftp

I installed the vfs.sftp addon(version:, it’s works ,
but I meet 2 issues, playback through sftp, the network speed is too low, I think it no more than 20Mbps, play a movie always show caching ,and another issue, when vfs.sftp is enabled, through ftp can only list media files ,you can not play your media.

I don’t know if it coreelec or vfs.sftp’ s problem.

Maybe it is your SFTP server issue?

I did a test , filezilla client connect to sftp server, downloading file , network’s speed is OK.
So I don’t think it is sftp server’s issue.

I taked screenshot of player debug info


Enable debugging on Kodi and check kodi.log if there is anything interesting.

I dont know that addon but I would also look into rclone if you really want to use SFTP
You can mount the SFTP folder and CE will think its a local folder. I’ve never had issues with it

here is the logfilekodi.log (1.6 MB)

Sadly I don’t see nothing useful inside :frowning:

OK, I enabled debug,reboot, and play a movie last serveral mins, it happened caching 2 times
the logfilekodi 1.log (1.8 MB)

I can see the stream is stalled at lines 9026 and 13434 but there is nothing in the log which tells why.