CoreELEC works on Mecool KM1 on SD Card and via USB (pen drive, HD and SSD). And with remote control fromTanix!

Hello everybody.

Looking for information on the subject I found this post Remote not recognized MECOOL KM1 DELUXE published by flette. Looking at the comments by flette and ckarkss12 I found out that CoreELEC works on the Mecool KM1 tv box.

I bought a Mecool KM1 Colective and tested the CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-20.0-Nexus-Generic version. It worked with a 4GB Sandisk SD Card, a 32GB Sandisk pen drive and a 3.5” 1TB HDD from Samsung.

I have to say that I don’t use CE, my interest in the subject occurred because I wanted to know if I could use the aforementioned tv box with EE and Batocera.

Bearing in mind that the post I mentioned is closed, I’m publishing this just to provide the information that for me the CE worked on the Mecool KM1, not just on a pen drive.

As this tv box is certified by Google, You Tube, and several other apps (except NETFLIX), I consider it a great alternative for joint use with Android and CE.

And, most importantly - (given the title of that flette thread) - I want to let you know that I used the Tanix remote and it worked! I used the one that came with the Tanix W2-A, but maybe this is the generic Tanix controller. It’s found for around $7 on Ali Express.

I’m not a youtuber, but from time to time I post amateur videos with the aim of helping by passing on the useful information I find on the internet. And today I published on You Tube two videos showing that the KM1 works with CE, EE and Batocera.

I used Google Translator.

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