Remote not recognized MECOOL KM1 DELUXE

Hello. Coreelec newbie. The installation went well. On the other hand the use of the remote control is impossible. The file does not exist, I tried with “putty”, but when I have to press the keys nothing happens, and therefore impossible to map anything … Do you have a solution ? My box is a Mecool Km1 Deluxe. Thanks.

How are you running CoreELEC, micro SD card?? That is a Google certified Android TV box, I am surprised that you’re able to run CoreELEC on it. That device has a locked bootloader.

Ahh… Weird so… I’m using on a usb stick… So maybe that’s why my remote setup isn’t working…

I have the same device, I have not tried installing CoreELEC on to it, assuming it would be impossible.

This is interesting. What device tree are you using? I will try to install CorELEC onto my device.

I downloaded version 19.5 rc2, for an S905x3. The reset button is inside the headphone jack if ever with a pointed round end it is easily touched. The installation is going without a hitch, but hey… Without a remote control, as long as I stay on my mi box s or on my console :sweat_smile:.

Are you talking about the stock IR remote control?

The stock remote control, is a combination infrared and Bluetooth.

Ok, got CoreELEC installed onto this device using a Pen Drive like you. I always use a RF remote for CoreELEC, so I will have to find the remote config for this device.

I try to use the original remote Yes … if you find something hesitate not to explain … I tried everything on my side and with the small possibilities that I know how to do.

This is interesting that a Google certified device is running coreelec. It makes you wonder what other certified devices are capable.

Yes it’s amazing, I even tried with my xiaomi mi box s, but there, nothing to do nothing boot

Finally everything is good. The procedure was the right one… If my remote control did not work in the software “putty” to map it is that quite simply… It had very few batteries, see more batteries… We are not kidding :rofl:. Anyway … We now know that the mecool Km1 deluxe can support Coreelec.

Would 3rd party USB RF remote remote works? If it works then it’s ok.

Just checked the spec of KM1 deluxe. The LAN is 100mb only. Not gigabit lan.

Mecool KM6 would be awesome if it can boot CE from micro SD card and since it’s a S905X4 with gigabit lan.

How about a USB 3 to gigabit lan adaptor??

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