Could you help me to choose my TV box?


First, I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this question. If it’s my mistake, can you redirect me to the right place for that ?
Secondly, I am French-speaking, and I apologize if I make mistakes in my language. In fact the information is so difficult on the resources I have in French, that I try to do it here at home in English.

So I had in the past a Box Beelink GT1 Ultimate + CoreELEC.
I was really happy with that. But it broke down and I have to replace it.

I would like to know on which CoreELEC box is currently the most stable while offering me the best experiences.

Really thank you in advance for your help!

A reliable box from odroid such as the c4 or n2 will cover most if not all media player needs for now and not too expensive. No one knows what’s going to be available in the next year or two but this should be fine I think. The new x4 boxes are a bit of an upgrade but also seem a bit of a gamble quality wise. Stick to coreelec recommended stuff I’d say, if you’re not constantly fiddling and just want a media player that’s my advice.

Thank you very much for your answer!


Yes, you understood my need, I don’t play video games.
It’s really just for 4K video content and connecting my home theater systems.
Being able to play and listen to all Dolby and DTS :slight_smile:

When you talk about an ODROID-N2, isn’t it more like an ODROID-N2+? The ODROID-N2+ seems to me to be a few years old already, no?

For me, the important thing is that CoreELEC is supported as well as possible and is as stable as possible. I don’t want to spend my life looking for patches.

Really, thank you so much for your help!!!

Get a Transpeed X4 (S905X4, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage) at AliExpress for less than 60 euros. I’ve tried many TV boxes before and the WiFi on this model is really good.

Then install slimBOXtv firmware (ATV version) in the internal memory (has root with Magisk) and CoreELEC in a microSD card.

You’ll get a great media device for a low price.

Kodi and Stremio are your friends. The latest Stremio for ATV is really good.

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Hello @LITUATUI and @Mark22 ,

Thank you for your help!

I have absolutely no need for Wifi on the contrary I prefer RJ45. It’s the stability of the system that matters most to me.

What will be the most powerful and stable?

ODROID-N2+ or a box with Amlogic S905X4?

On an ODROID-N2+ it’s a S922X SoC like on the Beelink GT-King Pro.
I know that CoreELEC works well and stably on the Beelink GT-King Pro even though it is a bit old.

I’m looking forward to reading your reviews.

I would go with SC2 (S905X4) or up: coreelec:ce_dev_cycle [CoreELEC Wiki]

Device Amlogic-ng just become EOSD and CoreELEC will focus on Amlogic-ne.

Thank you for your help !
What would be the best TV box in S905X4 according to you ?

At Beelink I don’t see any (it’s true that I have a lot of confidence in Beelink, I had a GT1 Ultimate that really pleased me). I only find boxes that I don’t know in S905X4.

For the Transpeed X4; I am afraid that the quality is not there.
And I’m afraid I don’t know how to configure it.

I don’t understand your link? Are these all Core ELEC partners?

The more I dig, the more I get lost :slight_smile:
But that’s ok.

The first thing I need to identify is “which chip to work with.”

I see that Beelink (which is a CoreELEC partner) makes a GT King II that would be compatible.

However, I understand that CoreELEC is not compatible with the “Amlogic A311D2” chip.

Will CoreELEC be stable on Beelink GT King II in the future?

I guess it’s better you start reading from beginning, yes:

Thank you :slight_smile:

The Transpeed X4 has Gigabit Ethernet.

Get the S905X4 SoC, then when it becomes available the S928X.

If you want something more expensive look for the Ugoos brand, it’s also supported by slimBOXtv (the best Android custom rom). So you get the best of both worlds, great Android rom and CoreELEC.


Thanks for your help!

I don’t necessarily want something expensive. But still something of quality. This is just me… but the Transpeed X4 is very ugly I think. Anyway I don’t see myself putting this under my TV next to my home theater.

I am not interested in the Android system. Just CoreELEC, that’s enough for me.
Now for the price, I might try the Transpeed X4 that you recommended above. I think it’s so ugly that I should hide it. :slight_smile:

With the S905X4 chip I also saw the Mecool KM6 and KM2 boxes. I think they look better than the Transpeed X4! Do you think I can work with CoreELEC on these Mecool boxes?

And last question, what is slimBOXtv? I need it to install CoreELEC on the boxes ?

The slimBOXtv firmware is a custom Android with root (Magisk) and an ATV version, if you don’t care about Android forget it.

If you think that the TV Box is ugly, just hide it behind the TV and get a bluetooth remote with rechargeable battery, such as the G7 bts.

Okay, I understand.

If I summarize, I just need to find a box with a S905X4 chip, install CoreELEC and go!

It can be any box in S905X4 or some brand will cause me problems ?

For the moment I hesitate between three models:

  1. The one that was advised to me → Transpeed X4
  2. The Mecool KM6
  3. Ugoos XQ4 Pro.

If I buy one of these boxes, will I find here on this forum everything I need to install CoreELEC in a stable way?

Thank you for your opinions!

The Mecool KM6 has a locked bootloader. You cannot run coreELEC on that device.

Personally, I love the looks of the transcend and the HK1Rbox X4.

It looks like a Soap Dish!!
Ha Ha

Looks are not part of the equation

Performs Excellent on CoreELEC

And is supported on New Era Kernel…ne

Happy Testing

Ok ! * Thank you for warning me !
And what about Ugoos XQ4 Pro ?
I see that Ugoos is a CoreELEC partner, That sounds good, doesn’t it?

I understand! It has a very futuristic look… But it has nothing to do with my interior at home…
It would have been perfect in my son’s room :slight_smile: less for my living room.