Could you help me to choose my TV box?

Thank you for your feedback.
It’s true that I focused on the outside, the main thing is the inside :slight_smile:

The Ugoos XQ4 Pro should be a vey nice box. Was tempted to purchase one my self.
I did purchase the Ugoos X4 cube and hated the formfactor so bad, I gave it away.

ok fine, so it would seem that the Transpeed X4 is my best option. You all seem to be unanimous on this question.

I think I’ll go with this solution.

Now I hope it won’t be too hard for me to install it :slight_smile:

But that’s another story :slight_smile:

I have HK1 RBOX X4

I it has been posted S905X4
Are all the same

And there are clones out there as well

Some advertising gbit but only come with 100mbit

So keep that in mind

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To be sure I’m not mistaken, I’ll follow the link @LITUATUI gave me earlier in the conversation →
Sounds like a good model, doesn’t it ?

Okay, I ordered it.
It’s a bit scary… I’m not sure where I’m going.
I just hope I can get it set up correctly… I think I’m going to need your help with that again :slight_smile:

Thank you all for helping me make my choice. It wasn’t easy!

@LVER Did you received your Transpeed box in the meanwhile? Does it work as expected?

Have you received yet? If yes, make review :slight_smile:

I don’t want to mislead you but i think you have to make some tweaks in CEC, remote control and BL301

Maybe other users with same box can help
If you fix make a post please

I got one (4/64/1000) delivered a couple of days ago, works well (the looks are questionable with the metalized plastic and too many leds). I installed CE 20 ne variant and all seems to go as expected, got vfd working and the remote also responds.

Only issue is that it gets a bit warm, around 60 deg C. However, it was not so bad as with some previous X3 devices (H96 Air or X96 max). thus, so far no thermal mods.

@kaiben @Rootz

Sorry for my late reply, I have too many things in my life at the moment :-)…

Yes I received the “Transpeed Amlogic S905X4” !
I have installed “CoreELEC 15.5 - Matrix” on it.

It seems to work fine, but I have two problems that I never had before with my Beelink + CoreELEC.

  1. When I ask to shut down CoreELEC, it restarts. This is annoying because I have to unplug the box to turn it off.

  2. Before, when I turned on the box, my TV was automatically turned on. Now it’s not the case anymore. It’s not a big deal, it just changes my habits a bit.

For the rest, the very plastic look is not the best effect in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is not very imposing and can be hidden discreetly in a corner.

So in the end I’m quite satisfied with my installation… for a budget defying any competition. :slight_smile:

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Assume this is typo 15.5 Matrix
19.5 Matrix Final

Keep in mind this is end of software development Version.

No more
Kernel patch
Support from Team

Finished Product

Your Box is capable of Testing
Nexus ng
Nexus ne

Where there are active Threads/open discussion
Other users with same/similar issues can support
Of course Full Support from Team CoreELEC

Also maybe don’t be a big Rush to sent To Internal

There is no Dual Boot with S905X4 yet???

So leaving CoreELEC on external is like
Dual Boot

Make sure you Test/Confirm all Functions in Android first.

Then Maybe try Nexus ng to start.

Happy Testing


Yes, I wanted to talk about 19.5 Matrix Final :slight_smile:

“Nexus ng” and “Nexus ne” are Stable Yet ?
When I received my box, Nexus was not yet available.

I will try Nexus ng

To see what it looks like :slight_smile:

Figured was Typo

Now can post in Nexus ng Thread/Discussion

Happy Testing

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