Custom Meson IR Keymap not working

Hello all, hopefully someone can help me out.

I’m on CoreELEC 20.2 using an AmLogic Box (S905x-based) that I was given without an original remote. I was using CEC support through a TV, but that TV died, and thus I recently had to switch to an older TV without CEC support. I’m now trying to set up an alternative way of using my device (which works great otherwise).

I still have the remote from the TV that died and thus thought to follow this guide to create a custom keymap so I can use it as a remote for the AmLogic box using the IR port.

Following the meson-ir guide seemed simple enough. The device seemed to register the remote presses just fine. However, I haven’t been successful in getting the device to register button presses once Kodi has been restarted. I configured the keymap for both CoreELEC 19 and previous. I tried changing the protocol between “lirc” and “nec” (both listed as enabled). None of those worked. I uploaded my last attempt as a text file below:

magnavox.txt (737 Bytes)

I also tried configuring the remote within Kodi using Keymap Editor, but that was futile. If there is a different guide I should follow, or if there is something I might’ve missed, please let me know. This device’s built-in bluetooth doesn’t work with CoreELEC, so I’d prefer to use the IR port and leave both USB ports free (rather than one be used for a BT dongle).

Thank you!

EDIT: added bit on protocols tried and changed a few words for clarity.

I’m replying to my post to say thank you to the makers of CoreELEC and to anyone who took time to read my post and maybe try to come up with a response. I’m also replying to report on the progress I made.

The short version is that the keymap file I posted works with the protocol changed from “NEC” to “RC5” (RC6, JVC, SONY, etc didn’t work). I tried the format for previous CoreELEC versions and that also worked with the “RC5” protocol. I’m attaching my .toml file below:

magnavox.toml (737 Bytes)

Longer version of my update includes that I searched more and came across this guide for Meson IR keymaps. I’m not sure it helped much, but I linked it in case anyone else finds it useful.

One remaining issue is that the power button only works for powering off the device, and the button needs to be held for a few seconds for it to turn off (EDIT: not true, I can press it once and it just takes a few seconds to turn off). It doesn’t work for powering on the device regardless of how long I hold the power button. I’m not coming across much that leads me to think this can be overcome, but I’m open to suggestions.

EDIT: I’m editing my post to say thank you to rho-bot for commenting their suggestions (the topic is closed as I write this on 2024-01-20). I’m holding off on the BIN Injection as I don’t have a way of recovering the device in case of an error. Other than the power button issue, everything else is working well still, so no complaints. Thanks again!

Thanks again!

As you try to use different Remote with this box, the Power Code needs to be changed.
For Powerdown, this is done in your .toml file, and already works.
But when in Standby, Powerup is controlled by Bootloader (BL3), and this currently still listens to the old Power Code of original Remote.
That is the exact usecase for BL-Inject: CoreELEC BL301 Wake-Up feature [inject_bl301]
Maybe it works for you. But you should only try if you have a recovery image for your box, otherwise it may brick.
Also check the Remote Wiki procedure

As alternative:
The original ABX-12 Remote seems to be quite common, the same as used for Vontar X96mini or M96X II mini or X96 (mini), so you may check the *bay for replacement

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