DD+ stopped working on my AVR since 9.0.0

I noticed advanced codecs, specifically DD+, maybe others as well, have stopped working on my AVR since 9.0.0. I have some test videos that does play just fine, but almost all the content that I did watch prior to 9.0.0 upgrade now doesn’t bitstream correctly. The AVR keeps blinking surround on/off, like it can’t sync with the signal. I wanted to go back to an older version to verify, but apparently someone thought it was a good idea to nuke all the previous releases.

AVR: Pioneer VSX-1123k

Change your hdmi cable. Most likely that is causing the problem.

Found an old DOK with a community build of LibreElec with Kodi v17.6, same files now work fine. Currently I’m stuck with having to enable DD transcoding otherwise large portions of my media collection can’t be played.

Logs, you need to post logs. We don’t have crystal balls that tell us what’s wrong with your setup with 9.0.1.

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log-2019-02-28-22.52.10.zip (380.3 KB)

You didn’t explain how or what to log, so I hope I got it right. Last 2 files I tried to play, ep.2 was with DD transcode enabled and ep.3 was with DD+ (E-AC3) enabled in supported audio formats.

Just follow the existing guide. The devs can’t be expected to repeat the procedures every time someone has an issue :roll_eyes:

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Any insights from the log? Can anyone please reupload / rebuild the 8.99.2 release in the mean while?

@B.D.B, start by following this guide: Audio quickstart guide

Here are my advices you can start with:

  • I can see from the log that you have enabled passthrough, so disable “Dolby Digital (AC3) capable receiver” under " Enabled passthrough" to see if the issue is fixed.
  • Update your AVR to the latest firmware (VSX-1123/70 FW Sept 5 v.1-147-020-016-120)
  • Only use premium HDMI cables between all your devices.
  • Setup your AVR with “Direct” signal processing so the signal is not manipulated or anything.
  • Make sure all your cables are strongly connected and do a power reset of your AVR (power off and take out the socket for 1 min)

Tell us more about your setup. Is your AVR connected between your Kodi box and TV? Which HDMI ports do you use? Which indicators on your AVR are blinking (only Dolby Digital Plus or also just Dolby Digital?)

The easiest way to test this is if you can give us some short samples we can look into as DD+ is working fine at my end with an Onkyo AVR. I highly advice you to revert all settings on your AVR and in Kodi if you can’t figure this out and we don’t have any problems with the samples you provide us

MINIX U1 running CE9.0.1 > AVR > TV
Tried multiple cables on a different port, just to be on the safe side. Didn’t make a difference. Not that I expected it too, since it did work on previous versions. It’s a software issue, everything worked fine prior to 9.0.0.
Tried resetting the settings under audio and setting passthrough again (didn’t change anything else). No change.
Oddly enough all the DD+ demos here work fine. (just search for plus)
Here’s a sample of a file that fails.

Hi, just try to change the settings in Input Stream adaptive to max secure decoder to 1080 and minim secure decoder to 720. I had stuttering with video and no DD+ in Netflix addon. Now is working fine. Maybe it helps.

Didn’t find the min secure resolution setting, but I tried both setting the max to 1080 like you suggested as well as disabling the input stream adaptive addon altogether, no change. (also it seems it is auto enabled after reboot)
I should mention I’m encountering the issue when streaming locally. However I just checked and Netflix is no different.

@B.D.B, the DD+ sound problem is most likely related to the encode as the sample you have provided is poorly encoded and is quite old (Matroska v.1 from 2007). As there are plenty of changes between each version to solve different issues and aspects, sometimes it will affect odd parts like in this case.

I’ve tested 7 different files where the oldest is from 2015 and all of them work perfectly. So the issue seems to affect old (and poorly) encodes which means this probably won’t get fixed. If you still want to play the files, try to convert/encode the audio.

Related to your last sentence, do you have problems with DD+ audio for the Netflix plugin?

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The sample I linked is also corrupted, seems like someone just truncated a file, since it has a ~2hr length according to the metadata. However, it exhibits the same issue I have. I’ll try to edit a small sample of any of the DD+ content I have. Resolve doesn’t support mkv so I’ll have to see how get it to work.
To answer your question, yes, same thing happens in Netflix as well, but not when played through chromecast.

My mistake, sorry!
So, this is my settings in Input Steam Adaptive: Max. Resolution general decoder-1080p.
: Max. Resolution secure decoder- 720p. Is the only settings that is working for Netflix addon. My device is wetek hub.

had to re-encode to avoid uploading the whole thing but left audio as is. (E-AC3 passthrough setting in handbrake)


issue is resolved in 9.0.3