Debug.txt x100

Hi all, just realized TV headend is filling up my drive with debug.txtx files at 4.95mb in size, must be over a hundred of them already, noticed this when doing a backup.

How to stop this?

You need to setup a cron job to clear them out. You could just delete them once a day/week or you could do a more sophisticated rotation.


what you chatting about :rofl:

way to much hassle, stuff that

Cron is actually really simple to use. Basically you can execute a bash command at any scheduled point in the future and execute it automatically.


Have you tried opening the web interface going to Configuration->Debugging and make sure all the debug options are unchecked

Thats what i was about to do, but ive just broken it, it will not start just says starting up and stuck at 0%
i cant remember a thing about installing it was a few years back now.

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