Development build 12/05/18

Latest test build image available here for S905/D/W/X only.

This test build is using the kernel from the OSMC Vero4K which we have had really good results with on team testing, including previously unplayable content now playable and HDR banding issues resolved.

Some other fixes included…

  • dirtyregions fix for subtitles by wrxtasy
  • Si2157-A30 DVB adapter fixed by afl1
  • issue after stopping playback on 3D content fixed by afl1
  • bd chapter seek fixed by afl1
  • fixed more keyboards/mice incorrectly identified as joysticks

Crash on Netflix and Amazon Prime addon. (Widewine?)

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I don’t know? No logs, no help, I’m not Houdini


Perfect playing… plays all uhd and Full hd and 720p formats. Because I m using for just watching movies through my external hdd. Brightness and contrast level are aslo awesome.

That sounds interesting, how do I try it out?
Just update to this dev build and if I want to go back to stable just put the stable image in the update folder?

Could this also potentially fix sound issues when playing certain video files, for me it only happens with x265/hevc but I think it’s more about a certain audio codec.

I read about different people having this issue. I have an avr and passtrough enabled.

It’s hard for me to reproduce this issue and also to describe it.
Sometimes when playing such video, the audio is crackling / distorted.
There are different levels of this that occur, in rare cases it’s just a loud sough.
After a few times of stopping the video and replaying it, sound is alright again.
It’s strange and doesn’t occur that often.

Is this testbuild also for odroid C2

No you will have to wait for 8.90.3.

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ok thanks!
When will 8.90.3 be released?

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You update the same way you would any other release.

Why don’t you update and see if the issues exist first rather than reporting issues with other builds?

Just thought I’d spare myself the update if there aren’t any changes regarding that issue.

@anon88919003 Thanks for this test build.
However I’m afraid it’s not working as expected.

Testing with this file (same file used in OSMC forums) you can see banding no matter how much time it’s played: HDR banding testing MP4

As suggested in this thread, I just played the file many times and never get rid of banding:

I tried to get the status of the HDR service that Sam has implemented, but didn’t see it: systemctl status hdr.service

Is there any way to know if it’s working?
I found a service failing to start, don’t know if it’s related to this fix:

● CoreELEC
    State: degraded
     Jobs: 0 queued
   Failed: 1 units

  UNIT                         LOAD   ACTIVE SUB    DESCRIPTION
● kodi-aml-hdmimonitor.service loaded failed failed Kodi Amlogic HDMI connection monitor

Are you using a 444,10bit colour space? ie have you done
echo 444,10bit > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr

The service is not necessary and was removed in later versions of OSMC, the service that you have seen failed has absolutely nothing to do with this issue.

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Using echo ‘444,10bit’ > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr in by default.

Do you need any log to take a look?

Yes enable debug log, restart Kodi, play some HDR content and then upload your kodi.log to pastebin.

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Here is:

Ok thanks for that, I can see from your log that only 1/2 of the bandfix is being applied which is in UI

01:00:20.301 T:4093207120 DEBUG: bandfix WinSystemAmlogic.cpp

can you try and do echo round1 > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/debug whilst your video is playing and not before or after and see if it makes any difference.

-edit failing that if it’s still an issue, can you also try the command before pressing play

Ahhh, I see my beloved manual fix for banding, yes I can see a difference when “round1” is applied, but not everytime it works as expected, sometimes it causes worst banding instead of solving the problem, that’s very weird…

I guess that is somewhat good news to hear that it works.

On the other hand the command will have to be entered each time something new is played until I fix the code in Kodi for the next development release.

Just an fyi but In OSMC they have round1 activated permanently.

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How have them managed to implement a permanently call to round1???
That’s interesting, it seems to be very good news regarding this issue.

Thanks for your time, we really apreciate it!!!

They modified Kodi to execute the command just before the playback of any video and also when the UI is initialized.

I thought I had ported their Krypton code successfully to Leia but judging by the debug log you sent me and your testing the playback portion of the code isn’t working as expected so I will look at it tonight, it should be an easy fix though.

What I might do is make it so the banding fix can be toggled from CE-settings.

No problem, happy to help :slight_smile:

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