Device Tree Abox A4


i use an ABOX A4 with a Amlogic S905W Chipset.
Unfortunetly, i can find no device tree an on bootup of Coreelec, i have the 60s delay.

But: If i wait he 60s, the box is booting an working completly (without the display, of course).

Is there a device tree fpr my box avallable?
If not, is there a possibility to boot driectly without the 60s delay?

Thans in advance!

Choose a dtb starting with gxl_p281 from the device_trees folder on your card.

There is a a95x_r2 in the device_trees folder, try it.

Works pretty welll! Thanks!

It’s likely that the a95x_r2 vfd.conf will make the display work too.