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I don’t like the way how my tv displays hdr content. How to completly disable hdr support in Coreelec to get hdr video played as sdr? On Android it’s called HDR to SDR.

Although there’s hdr to sdr option in CE settings, but it has no effect. My screen still switching to hdr mode when starting playback.

You need to play around with the HDR to SDR and SDR to HDR options, I think that one of the combinations should work. But you can’t really watch HDR content in SDR, it will look completely washed out.

Sdr to hdr causes hdr mode to be applied always, even when watching sdr videos. Hdr to SDR option has no effect. I guess it’s only to improve color on sdr display and not to disable hdr support on hdr display.

Unfortunately, my tv does not allow to disable hdr when watching true hdr content. And it applies its terrible color calibration, which hurts my eyes

I change the picture setting in my TV to HDR vivid the picture looks better. May be you can try and see.

My screen does not allow to set anything, hdr is forced for hdr enabled videos without any settings available

can you just get non hdr videos?

Not really, it’s live tv

A HDR TV that doesn’t have any picture settings for HDR mode? What TV is that? Doesn’t make sense unless that TV is in some kind of Hotel/Retail mode.

Live TV usually makes use of HLG, and that can potentially look bad regardless of your TV.
What TV do you have? Any TV should allow you similar settings in SDR and HDR picture modes. But different TVs work in different ways. Some have shared Picture Settings between HDR/SDR, which is bad. Others have separate settings for each type of content (HDR10/DV/HLG/SDR etc.)

Monitor LED BenQ EW3270UE. Most important, hdr is useless and it completly ruins picture, very annoying. Believe me, washed colors hdr to sdr would be much better.

It allows to adjust rgb color balance, as long as hdr is not present. Otherwise, default terrible calibration is forced, as well as max contrast and brightness. Forced hdr (when hdr signal is detected) can’t be disabled. In hdr mode, all picture settings are locked and nothing is possible to adjust. Only 2 predefined modes (hdr and cinema hdr) are available, without any possibility to customize them.

Overall, I could spend my money better than buy that crap. As without hdr colors are somehow possible to adjust and get something acceptable, hdr (forced) makes me crazy.

My last chance is to disable hdr in Kodi, but it does not seem to be possible if source material is hdr

I tested on MiBox S with TvIrl. In Android TV settings hdr to sdr option enabled, my screen does not report hdr anymore, colors are not even washed, all is fine.

Please confirm - is there anything I can try to get the same effect with Coreelec?

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Have you tried all 9 combinations of HDR to SDR and SDR to HDR? Keep in mind that you have to reboot after the change to make it apply.
If none of them accomplish what you want, then there’s no way, at least right now.



Then your TV will receive no HDR signal, only tonemapped SDR on case of HDR input material and the original SDR in case of SDR input material. This is true with my N2 and my SDR-only TV.

You don’t receive hdr signal, because your tv is sdr. That’s backward compatibility. But with hdr capable screen connected, Coreelec always delivers hdr signal if played material is hdr.

No matter what I set. If hdr screen detected, there’s no any conversion to sdr performed.

On MiBox if I set the same option in AndroidTV settings (tone hdr to sdr) it works always - even if hdr screen is connected.

Can we consider it as CE bug? I think when “Tone hdr to sdr” option is set to Active, hdr should be completly disabled, even on hdr tv, auto should perform conversion only when sdr tv detected (it works this way now), disabled should never perform any conversion and hdr should be delivered even on sdr tv.

From my test, curtently it works always in “auto” mode, enabled and disabled option both have no effect.

you are right, I see it in the same way as you…

is this by design or a fault of CE?

It´s no CE fault, it´s just a bad working TV

Bad working what exactly? That option in CE does nothing actually. I wrote how it works on Android TV, shouldn’t it be the same on CE?

If it’s by design… I don’t understand

CE is not Android
Your TV can´t handle HDR.
If You want to watch HDR files, You need a better HDR TV

My TV can handle HDR & SDR, there are TV settings HDR/SDR
Converting HDR to SDR is a bad idea, will never work perfect

Set SDR to HDR to Off, HDR to SDR to Auto or On and reboot.
Run the following in SSH: echo 0 > /sys/module/am_vecm/parameters/hdr_policy
And try again. Let me know if that changes anything for you.

@Tim_Taylor you are correct that CE is not Android, but technically we use mostly the same kernel code. So the general capabilities should be similar. We have made some changes for better compatibility, but we strive to provide users with the best experience we can. Although I personally would never use HDR to SDR, if a user wants to use his device that way, we’ll make an effort to at the very least see how doable the request is.

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Me too. But with my monitor, I am forced to use it.

It makes hdr enabled always - even when playback is stopped.

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