Disable release notes at startup

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since version 9.2.1, I got its release notes at every startup/boot.
I searched for the right setting to disable it, but found nothing.

Can anybody help me with this?


The release notes should only appear after upgrade, if you reboot they shouldn’t appear. And they appear in kodi restarts, not reboots, after upgrade until your next reboot.

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he maybe thinks booting log, right? Why is it there when booting?

I try to explain it more detailed; I upgrade from 9.2.0 to 9.2.1.
Since then this appears on every Kodi Startup, not only one time:

maybe I had to delete a file or something?

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Restart CoreELEC from the Kodi menu. Turning off and on from the IR remote control does not save changes.

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har, har,
how simple!

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After every upgrade - when the release notes are shown - the KODI interface freezes.
I can only prevent this, if I press “backspace” on the remote immediately when the release notes are shown.
After a few seconds, this workaround does not work either.
Various boxes with S905W are used, remotes are similar “air mouse with keyboard”.
Mouse and keys other than “backspace” do not work.
A config option to disable release notes at startup would be great.

Did you shut the system down from the menu, and then restart the system from a complete power down? You have to do this, or the release notes will show every time. Just turn it off from the menu, and your issue should go away until the next update.

The release notes block everything - there is no shutdown possible except e.g. via ssh.
Pressing “backspace” quick enough after a reboot disables the release notes until the next update.

Step 1. Close the release notes.
Step 2. Look in the corner.
Step 3. Find the power button in the corner.
Step 4. Click on it via a mouse or other input device.
Step 5. Click on Power off system.
Step 6. Wait for the system to shut down.
Step 7. Turn the system back on.

Follow those steps, and you should no longer see the release notes upon startup.

When updating to 20.1 today, I had the same behavior again: update notes block kodi.
There is no keyboard and no mouse activity possible, only remote ssh login.
Maybe it helps others: login via ssh and “shutdown -h now” - then power on the device and the update notes are no more there.