Stop showing release notes after the first Kodi restart (not reboot)

I know there are similar topics such as Disable release notes at startup - #4 by WebEye but I don’t think they cover my exact problem.

Would it please be possible to disable these messages as soon as Kodi is restarted (or as soon as the release notes have been read and closed)? I almost never restart my HTPC but I sometimes have to restart Kodi, which causes the notes to appear again. What I do to fix the problem is force a reboot but ideally I’d like to avoid doing this.

If this is too much trouble, is there a workaround such as a file to delete via SSH?

I too restart Kodi every now and then, but never reboot on some systems. Would very much like to get rid of the reappearing release notes as well.
Might it be possible to only show it once on Kodi start?

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