DIY Thermal Modifications

My X96max + box was heating up, similar to others, around 65C - 75C … sometimes while watching video files I had image clipping :frowning:
I decided to make a housing modification for my X96max +
and I used an aluminum housing that was supposed to be in full contact with the processor, so it should all be a heat sink!
The temperatures currently range from 35C to 42C :slight_smile:
On the warmest days of this summer, the temperature did not reach more than 45C! … currently the box stands on the floor for testing purposes and has a 32C idle status

This is what the end result looks like


Looks very professional device :slight_smile:

Maybe it looks like it, but all parts are at a budget price from Aliexpress … I couldn’t spend more on parts than on the box :slight_smile:
In fact, the most time and commitment is during the construction itself, measuring and planning what to screw / drill where, etc. … but there is fun and satisfaction with the final result :slight_smile:


best mod I’ve seen but wouldn’t it have been better to just buy an Odroid N2+ ?

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how did you bond the cylinder (between the case and soc), did you use a thermal pad also?

An aluminum rod with a diameter of 40 mm / 20 mm, turned into a cone on a lathe so that it can be attached to the processor, is attached to the housing with three screws.
The processor is attached to the rod by tightening the main board of the player box.
For better heat dissipation, I used a thermal conductive paste.
I don’t know if I can post links on the forum …
materials used for this mod:

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this is one heck of a solution! love it
really appreciate you sharing the parts!

Last question if I may, where did you get your x96 max+ from?
I’m really interested in buying either the x96 Air or the x96 max+, I got one from a seller in AliExpress but was sent a clone, care to give the link to the one you got please. Also when did you get it, if it was long time ago , it could have changed revisions by now: (

They are advising against by the forum to buy any X96 box. I have the X96 Air and the X96 Max plus 2 and I can only say 100x100 garbage.

Look in other threads that the issue of X96 boxes is covered

Right here and in other threads.

Mine lasted less than 1 month, it does not recognize usb or anything

time of purchase: Jan. 06 2021

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On my X96 x3 I just removed the tin heat shield, removed the plastic standoff in bottom of case.
I put on an old 30mm cpu ally one with an insulator bit on one corner so it didn’t short out adjacent components using original heat pad.
Put some 5mm rubber feet on each bottom corner.
Added about 12 x 3mm holes on top to allow air convection.
Left cpu at performance.
Temps dropped from 75c to 58c watching an blue ray rip.
Prev cpu would drop to 1400, now stayed at 1900 :slight_smile:
Very happy.

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I’ve seen two of your mods, one with gigabyte copper heatsink on top of 3mm thick thermal pads and open case upside down, the second you made a white fan enclosure, have you done another mod?

also what does “30mm cpu ally one with an insulator bit on one corner so it didn’t short out adjacent components using original heat pad.” mean?, I plan to add a big copper heatsink and replace the thermal pads with

You will need to space or clear other component’s on the pcb.

Mighty impressed with this job and it should ensure it lasts quite a bit longer than stock.


Well my cooling job worked well…
Box is now dead!
Or maybe it’s PSU, cba to check- will do eventually. Other things going off rather than watching telly

My simple way of cooling.
It is important to get the heat out of the box. The best thing is the breeze.
Temperatures dropped by more than 15 celsius. Powering the fan from the USB 5V pin board. Small speed - absolutely quiet.

Probably the best way to cool the X96 Max + …
because the simplest and at the same time effective. :+1:

Does it stops when poweroff with the remote? I did the same with a Magicsee N5 but remains conected and working when I use the remote’s power button to turn off and I have to unplug the power cable. Any idea for this? thanks!!

I connected the fan to the flat joint as in the picture. Your box may not turn off 5V to USB when the box is turned off. Try to measure the power supply on the second USB port with a multimeter when the power is off. Or look for a 5V board that gets lost when the box is turned off.

Try it. SD reader power supply. Check with a multimeter first.

Thanks for the info friend. I’ll try to find. Very usefull

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