Dolby Vision for Minix U22X-J (Max) and Ugoos AM6+

Amazing nightly. I’m on 21, this fixed: FEL playback (1917), seek issues, OSD stuttering, high cache readfactor bugs (20x). All stable.

This feels like the best version so far, and seems to have fully incorporated 20.5 performance into 21.

ok! Really nice! I will update bith of my ugoos later, one with 20.5 and one with 21. I will do some testing later today.

It’s A Wonderful Life still gives me trouble. I get several flashing Dolby Vision logos on my TV and then it defaults to HDR.

Edit: caused by a rip error.

My MakeMK of It’s a Wonderful Life - looks ok tried skipping around many parts, pausing and resuming etc. all normal for me - though I do trim things down a bit removing superfluous for my requirements subtitles and audio.

It is possible to implement the on-the-fly DTDL → STDL conversion to libdovi?
It would be very useful, because then Kodi could also play Dual Track files in Dolby Vision.

See a few people using Player-Led - in that mode you may want to try the following:

echo 13 > /sys/module/amdolby_vision/parameters/dolby_vision_flags
echo 180 > /sys/module/amdolby_vision/parameters/dolby_vision_graphic_max

The 13 includes the flag to make Player-Led: LLDV follow the luminance passed form the TV, I think this should be more accurate (though may think it is initially not as bright)

The 180 is to balance the OSD back down as may become too bright, can play with this number for your specific setup.

Side note: can use dolby_vision_graphic_max to tone down the OSD in general in DV but be aware it also effects the subtitles.

Whilst waiting for quietvoid to opine, I think this is more an issue for Kodi, it is not designed around there being more than one independent video stream (if I understand correctly), if could do upstream in ffmpeg that may work!

Kodi doesn’t support parsing multiple video tracks at the same time.
And it would be complicated to “merge” the streams before decoding.

I would think AML has APIs to do this.

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Thanks, I thought it would be simpler, since you managed to convert the RPU during playback.

Just curious, what made it work fine in 20.5?

Not sure it was 100% ok in 20 Nexus - though better.

@Portisch mentioned there was a bug in 21 Omega Kodi something along the lines - it found the next I-frame but started passing one frame after that to the decoders, though probably more than just that difference as likely that was already fixed.

Portisch found the blockage studying the logs for 21 eventually could see it was stuck trying to work out what to do without the corresponding I frame reference - and AMLogic had a setting for the decoders to ignore and only start decoding again from next I-Frame which fits the bill nicley!


Where are people buying the AM6+ from? I’m in the UK.

4/4 nightly indeed is much better. All the FEL titles that had difficulty playing/resuming/skipping seem to be fine now, at least with refresh rate switching on. It’s a Wonderful Life also works fine for me. Also from MakeMKV and a disc in my collection. Another positive is no skipped/dropped frames in the beginning of Dune. That was previously an indicator of playback stability for me, especially for that title and came back with skipped frames in nightlies from like a week ago.

EDIT: Damn getting really annoyed by my Sony TV automatically switching HDMI signal from enhanced back to standard LOL

@allanp81 Try aliexpress perhaps? There’s where I got 3 of mine.

I bought directly from the official store. The price seemed competitive on there, $170 shipped. But I’ve seen lower prices on Aliexpress from resellers.

I got mine from here:

Tried searching on Ali, but this was still the cheapest for me (Netherlands).

Going slightly off-topic, but does your Sony TV have that new Pentonic 1000 chipset? I have a Philips OLED 808 series and have the same issue on the HDMI 2 port. Need to switch it back to Enhanced every day or two :frowning:

Doubful? It’s an X85J 43". It’s a tertiary TV so didn’t want to go all out. Though when it randomly switches on me, it gets annoying because certain stuff suddenly doesn’t work anymore!

@cpm Thanks for that dolby_vision_graphic_max parameter.

Do you have an idea what the range of values is that it will accept? I noticed that by default it is set to 0.

Have the same tv. Do you connect it through a Soundbar or avr? Had the same issue and switched to hdmi 3 as i had better lipsyncing through earc and this issue doesn’t happen anymore.

Aliexpress, found a shop with a coupon that took it to $138 shipped and it got from China to Texas in 5 days. Will be here tomorrow.