Dolby Vision for Minix U22X-J (Max) and Ugoos AM6+

Yes a good price, I’d seen that site but wasn’t sure if it was genuine. Have ordered from there so thanks

Don’t worry. They do ship from China, but mine arrived in about 9-10 days after ordering. And no extra customs surcharges were added.

I see all of this talk about true TV-Led (or whatever it is called), what does it really mean and what kind of TV can actually use it?? Does it really make a difference in video watching experience? Is there a screen size that would be better suited for this true Dolby Vision??

TV led just means that if your TV is capable of Dolby Vision, it handles the processing there instead of on the box. This is opposed to “player led” or LLDV where the streaming box processes the DV metadata.

TV-led is more accurate and has better picture quality, because the TV’s specific capabilities are known and factored into the DV output. Things like CM4.0 for better color reproduction, etc.

True TV-Led means the TV is truly processing the DV metadata. There was a prior bug in amlogic’s libraries that made it so much of the metadata was ignored (fake TV-led). This is not a problem anymore in CoreElec, but still is an issue on Chromecast/Fire Cube/Homatics/Zidoo/Dune/etc.

Screen size is really not relevant to dolby vision or true/fake tv-led. Get what you’re comfortable with.


@cpm is the soc/ am6b+ able to tonemap everything: sdr/hdr/dv to always lldv ? Like the Apple tv does…
Useful for some projectors in combination with Ezcoo with cfw

Since the thread has somewhat wandered I feel ok in posting this. I so far haven’t found a reliable power on/ power off setup for the am6b+ using a remote / CEC. It doesn’t seem to readily come out of standby. So I’ve started looking for a way to just have it stop play and toggle the TV/AVR more like android boxes do.

Here’s a little work I’ve done on it.

I’d be happy for suggestions here or there. :slight_smile:

I use the Homatics B21 remote. Then I set CE’s CEC setting to power on/off the TV/AVR explicit, and to ignore putting CE in standby when the TV is powered off. I used Kodi’s keymap to set the B21’s power button to CECTOGGLESTATE, and the input button to CECACTIVATESOURCE.

<key id="61523">cectogglestate</key>            <key id="61530">cecactivatesource</key>

The effect is CE just always stays on. The power button turns the TV and AVR off, the other button turns them back on and switches to CE if needed.

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It is in nits i.e. cd/m2

0 means it is defaulting based on contents being played - as only using the Dolby Engine for Dolby Vision content in Kodi it will only be being applied for Dolby Vision.

The default is 4,000, though I think max could be 10,000 if the display was capable!

I think the soc and code are capable of using the Dolby Engine for all except HDR10+.
Though Kodi is not setup that way and only Dolby Vision is using the Dolby Engine, other content goes another route.

I think you’re right something along those lines is the way to go. Just a bit too much cruft in the Kodi CECToggleState code to fight. I’ll take advantage of long press and use the effective discrete on/off CEC commands and just pretend toggle doesn’t exist.

I opted for this single button solution using the ugoos remote red power button. Short press = turn on and/or switch to the Ugoos. Long press = turn off if the Ugoos is the active device otherwise do nothing.

            <key id="61662">CECActivateSource</key>
            <key id="61662" mod="longpress">CECStandby</key>
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The latest nightly is really good. Almost everything I’ve tried plays/seeks well from cs-21 nightly to my LG C7 OLED. The only issue I found was from a demo video ripped from a calibration disc (so maybe an edge case), that is DoVi P8.06. At about 30 seconds in video gets stuck as audio plays on. After about 10 seconds Kodi buffing circle pops up and then playback largely recovers. File is a straight MakeMKV rip, but it is possible the file is just bad (can provide a clip if needed) - it does play correctly on other players. Logs and MediaInfo attached, playback begins around 18:32:41 and runs into trouble around 18:33:15…

kodi.log (779.2 KB)
mediainfo.txt (5.7 KB)

Will definitely keep testing, but this is amazing work and I’m very appreciative of everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen. Thank you!

Please share the sample. When it happen at 30s then 35s should be long enough so please cut it down.

I suggest running it through mkvtoolnix and let it remux it as is. Then run that new file to see if the problem continues. This technique has actually solved some problematic encodings I’ve encountered in the past.

What / Where to check to see if TV-LED or Player-LED is used?

It’s disabled by default, and will use TV-led. Can be verified at Settings → System → CoreELEC → “Use Player Led”

VC1 does not happen on DVD, the problem with incorrect frequency detection or incorrect deinterlace, for progressive video within interlace on DVD.
Specifically on movies with 576i 25 fps, Grinch 2018, CE tries to do deinterlace, it is incorrect, if you manually disable deinterlace, the video is output as 1080/50p, just every other frame is a take.
Also there is a problem with some videos NTSC 23.976 where Progressive label is specified, for example Home Alone video starts as 1080p59, but does not switch to 1080/23.976, while another movie “All the Brothers Were Valiant” switches, ie first as 1080/59 starts, but after a couple of seconds switches to 1080/23.976.
While the same Home Alone disk on the old version of CE 19, if I’m not mistaken, I had no problem switching to 1080/23.976.
Mediainfo attached for the videos I checked. I hope it is possible to return the correct work with DVD material.
It is also desirable for DVD to make default inclusion of upscale by Lanczos 3 optimal algorithm. Because the default is bilinear, and it is very blurred details.
And of course VC1 also needs fixing. It used to be able to hardware playback and not spoil the image for 1080/23,976 video. Now it does deinterlace for progressive, just like it does for DVD. It certainly wasn’t on CE18 and CE19 initial versions.
raiders 576.txt (4.0 KB)
oncehollywood.txt (7.0 KB)
all the brother 23p.txt (3.4 KB)
home alone.txt (10.5 KB)
Grinch pal25i.txt (3.6 KB)

okay, thanks! Noticed that appeared after installing dovi.ko but wanted to confiorm.
No other custon settings (through CLI) required for TV-LED, right?

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I have a clip and confirmed the issue repros with the clip, but I’d prefer to not share it publicly. Is there a way to DM you the link?

Having both, real tv led devices (oppo clone and am6b+), “fake” tv led devices (zidoo and fire tv cube) and a 2023 LG oled, the answer is no. I’m sure the difference exists but not to the naked eye.

If I want to switch from one firmware version to another, do I simply drop the new firmware in the update folder on coreelec, and reboot? If so, can I upgrade/downgrade at will with this method?

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