Dual boot for kvim3l

How to install Android tv to internal+CoreElec to sd card??

Easiest way is to use Krescue.
Burn the Vim3L Krescue image to an SD Card with Etcher.

Then insert the SD Card into the Vim3L

With the HDMI Plugged into TV

USB C Power inserted and VIM3L Powered off state.

Press the power button on the VIM3L and hold it for about 3 to 5 seconds until it boots into
Krescue .
Navigate to Downloads and enter.
This will connect you to all the roms you can connect to on the Khadas Servers.

Navigate to the SC Vim3L ATV Debug Rom.

Choose it and follow prompts to install to eMMC.

It will download and install the ATV rom.

The rest is a standard CE SD Card install after the ATV Rom is installed.

**Standard Install means CoreELEC images from CE Downloads **

NO KRESCUE CoreELEC images or any Krescue burning of CE images.

Or you can go down the long road

I was on the long way before. But did not boot to sd from Android tv. Black screen it was for minute or two, so i will try again now with krescue.

Krescue will cause issues with updates and some features not working, please don’t recommend this @kostaman, best way is to install Android via USB burning tool and then just install CE onto an SD as normal.

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Burn CorElec on sd and just boot to sd from Atv? Then CorElec will finish installation on sd?? That is it??


Only use Official CoreELEC Images from our download sources.

Burn to SD Card and insert into Vim.

It should boot to CE .

If it boots into ATV you can long press the remote power button
Choose boot to other OS .

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@jaffac yes, exactly that.

VIM3L works the same way any other android TV box does, install Android to eMMC and just hold the recovery button on the first boot to get CE booting from SD.

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Thanks to you two. You are realy big help from start of my sbc life. I will try this and give feedback first thing tomorrow. Thanks again.

Just want to clarify it is safe to use Krescue for installing ATV roms to eMMC
and they will not interfere with OFFICIAL CoreELEC images installed to SD Card.

Just had contact with Adam and he thought i was advising to install CE using Krescue.

You’re good to go with either long or short methods.

If you try Amlogic burning tool you may have issues with the Vim showing up in Windows 10.

I tried and failed so i used Burn Card Maker which worked.

I did it with Amlogic burning tool before. And with etcher burn CoreElec latest stabile to sd. In Atv with power button go to boot from sd, and have black screen for some time. Switch of and revert all back to CoreElec internal. Everything was done like it should in this first time. So i will try again and wait for some more. Or try with buttons on vim3l. And we shall se.

Use button.

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Hm. Fail again. Maybe is something with superceleron android tv. I use userdebug version. And latest stabile CoreElec on sd. But still got black screen when trying to boot to sd.

I use exactly the same set up on Vim3L & Vim3 so there is something wrong with the
SD Card CE you have prepared.

Check the device tree sm1_s905d3_khadas_vim3l has been copied to the root of the SD Card and renamed to dtb.img

Pretty much explained HERE

Tried sd with CoreElec when on internal was also CoreElec. That time sd installation started correctly.

After you burn the image on your PC

You have to open the device tree Folder on the Sd Card

Copy the sm1_s905d3_khadas_vim3l

Paste it to the Root of the SD Card

Rename it to dtb.img

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Pff. I will do that :slight_smile:
Sorry for all trouble. My fault.

I just though dtb implemented automatic when burning sd.

Hmm, how could that be done…, one image for more than 20 different boxes/dtbs ? That would be a real magic touch :wink:

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