Dune HD Pro One 8K Plus

Hey guys, first time post. I see the “Dune Box R 4K” is currently supported, and wondering if the new “Dune HD Pro One 8K Plus” is on the horizon? And if so, when? I did not realise that this company was Russian when I bought it, (obviously not ideal in today’s current state of affairs) and even though the FW is still nascent, it is OK. However, I’d rather have an alternative FW on this very capable box, and I’ve always favoured Kodi over Plex.

No CoreElec on S928X

“No CoreElec on S928X”
Does that mean for now… or ever? Ta

Hopefully, this will happen sooner, rather than later. Looking forward to what might come of it. Thanks

As already mentioned S928X is not supported by CE atm. I don’t understand why you would post a link to it unless it’s for referrals.

Post a link to what? I don’t understand the statement, I didn’t post any links. I do understand that the device is not supported at this time, I’m hoping that it will be in future. Thanks

All good with you :slight_smile:

I deleted post from some other user because post was not useful in any way without link to advertised product.